Species: Aduin

Name: aduin(a) [ah-DWEEN(-ah)] (Hunters)

Homeworld: Vyza

Height/Length/Weight: Aduina are average-large quadrupeds, standing 4-5' at the shoulder and 6-8' long, plus another half a foot for the tail. They weigh between 600-750 lbs.

Physical Description: Aduina are blocky, loose-skinned, musteline quadrupeds. With a build reminiscent of a very stocky, muscular, short-furred wolverine and a face to match, they visually match their given name of 'hunters' very well. They have broad faces, heavy jaws, and deep-set eyes. Their hides are thick and very loose, giving them a somewhat wrinkled appearance (vaguely like a sharpei); their fur is dense but short. Aduina have thick torsos and muscular limbs which end in wide, heavy, blunt-clawed, four-toed paws. They have very short tails, typically only 6-8" in length, which are somewhat ursine in shape and fluff. Males have (furred) external genitalia.

Senses/Capabilities: Aduina primarily navigate via scent, which is extremely keen and discerning. Their hearing is also quite good, but their sight is poor - greyscale, short-range, and movement-based. (They'll not see you if you hold absolutely still… but they'll sure as hell smell your fear.) Aduina are immensely strong animals, able to haul twice their not-inconsiderable weights with relative ease; they also have impressive endurance and often run down their prey through sheer doggedness. However, they are fairly slow, reaching 40 mph in a top sprint with most only able to run 30-35 mph for more than a few brief moments. Similarly, aduina aren't very agile nor flexible, though some have gotten quite adept at scaling rocky outcroppings.

Coloration/Clothing: Aduina don't wear clothing. Their fur is uniformly black, tipped with a shade of brown or orange (or brown-orange) to give them a dual-toned appearance. Their eyes are usually dark brown, but can be gold or dark green; claws are matte black. Some aduina are born melanistic and lack the tipping color entirely.

Races/Breeds: Aduina have no ethnicities; bloodlines mix too regularly to let any develop.

Language: Aduina, like the tuaha and famora, speak both their native tongue and vyzan. Vyzan is a rough language, filled with guttural noises and jaw-snaps, able to be spoken only by those with long muzzles and many teeth. It has a basic vocabulary and simple structure, making it easy and quick to learn alongside any Vyzan's native tongue. Duin, the aduina native tongue, is a much harsher and louder language, consisting of snarls and barks and roars and bellows - it has a small vocabulary, augmented by body language and volume of the speaker's voice, but a fairly complex structure.

Technology: Aduina don't use technology.

Magic: Aduina acknowledge that magic exists (mostly because the tuaha and famora both use it and thus prove its existence), but they don't use it. They rather scoff at it.

Values: Aduina primarily value strength - of body, of will, of courage. Since they are solitary unless mated (and then only living with one other), they must be self-contained and independent, able to provide for themselves with no help from another.

Social Groups/Society: Aduina are primarily solitary; they live alone unless/until they take a (life-long) mate. Aduina are just as likely to take a mate for the extra help in hunting and defending a small territory as they are to take a mate for the purpose of reproducing; some aduina even pair up with another aduin of the same sex to make hunting more efficient. Once any pups are physically adults, they're sent out of the territory and rarely see their parents again.

Habitat/Settlements: Aduina do not build any settlements, instead just marking a den (a sheltered place to sleep) and a small territory around it for their own. They typically share hunting grounds with many others who live nearby, though competition can get fierce and occasionally violent. Aduina do well in most dry, cool environments, but can generally live anywhere but the coldest, driest, and hottest of places; they generally avoid very wet places, as well, giving the famora their space. Aduina seem to prefer sparse forests and mountains to open land or dense jungles; despite this preference coinciding with the tuaha's own, the two species rarely come into conflict over land, mostly due to the tuaha's avoidance of large aduina populations.

Religion/Beliefs: The aduina are godless and generally irreverent of any sort of religion. They regard nothing as sacred and respect only that which deserves respect; they take what they can and will only stop if literally prevented from doing as they wish.

Interaction w/ Other Species: Aduina, despite their noise and aggressive attitude, generally avoid the famora as too strange to be trifled with. They don't mind the tuaha, though they consider them a weaker race, and may or may not realize that the tuaha's respect is what keeps the three Vyzan races so peaceable with each other. Aduina would likely be hostile and blustering towards any non-Vyzan that they found, until/unless the stranger(s) proved themselves capable of standing against the aduina.

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