System: Airdh

Name: Airdh [EYRTH, 'th' as in 'that', not as in 'thing']
Galactic Location: The beginning of the universe.
Neighboring Systems: 1.5 months from Primos to the north-east; 1 month from Nesaule to the south-east.
Worlds In System: Airdh
Natives: none
Colonists: none

System Formation: First Category. This is one of only two systems in the entire universe that has a single, spherical world; the polar side of the gravitic ore layer faces outwards. The sun orbits the planet in a vertical circle, creating day-night cycles, while the world spins horizontally, creating seasonal change. Seasons change the most notably along the equator and are more constant at the north and south poles. Night and day are of relatively equal length, since the sun makes a full orbit of the planet each time it rotates once, and the sun appears to travel in a north-south path that is just faintly tilted.
About the System: Airdh is the first sun and the first world in the universe; it has no natural denizens, either intelligent or animal. It is host to the entire universe's faunal archetypes: of every beast and creature on every other world, there is exactly one immortal individual on Airdh. These demi-gods can be killed by each other, in predation or battle, but rise anew on the next dawn. Lightworkers, mostly humans, zealously protect this system from any visitors.

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