World: Alasa Ka

Name: Alasa Ka [AH-lah-sah-KAH]

Indigenous Sentients: Alasa Ka is home to the entirety of the tahori species, including its separate races of inlanlu, atihresi, dosa, izune, ehsora, and kahashi; the only exception to this is the keusune, who live on At-lasa in the Dri system. Other sub-species existed in earlier times, but have since died out.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Not applicable. Alasa Ka is settled by individual packs; there is no ruling order, nor any nations or even guilds or factions.

Other Factions/Nations: N/A.

Description: Alasa Ka is a very primitive world, 75% land and with at least half of that land mass explored and/or settled. Primarily comprised of forests, with a hefty number of mountain ranges and plainslands, the world is barely civilized - invisibly marked out in patches of land belonging to individual tahori groups. Communal hunting grounds stretch out on the most-used migratory routes of prey herds, shared by neighboring packs. Alasa Ka's flora and fauna is oversized - its deer-equivalents are six and seven feet tall at the withers, instead of the typical four, and everything else follows suit. It is not an excessively dangerous world, but for the tahori who guard their territories zealously and viciously. Non-tahori do not visit on pain of death. There are also large deposits, half-underground, of a clear-white crystal resembling fine diamonds - these osaya crystals are charged with raw energy, lightning-like in potency. Alasa Ka's native population is as such: 35% inlanlu, 25% atihresi, 12% dosa, 11% kahashi, 11% ehsora, 6% izune.

Magic: Alasa Ka is a world low in magic. The presence of osaya crystals absorb and freeze most the latent magic that would otherwise make Alasa Ka a fairly energy-rich world; mining the osaya crystals is fraught with danger, since a wrong move or a sudden split will cause them to explode. (Osaya crystals are also a challenge to mine since they are the hardest substance on Alasa Ka - prized for their sturdiness and their ability to keep an edge, as well as their ability to store raw magic, even after being drained several times, and their ability to act as an extremely powerful and volatile conduits for qki and raw energy.) However, in places where osaya crystals are not concentrated, the magical energy of the world is freer and thicker. All the same, most magicians find themselves incapable of putting to use Alasa Ka's exceptionally vibrant energy - it adapts very poorly to any elemental magic use, including Light and shadow. However, those who can use qki from raw energy find themselves immensely powerful; the natives of the world are born and bred in such an environment and make superb qki-converters (much like baghan spirit warriors). Some tahori, notably atihresi and izune, can actually interact with their qki as though it were arcane energy, forming a limited few techniques, such as hurling a ball or a blast of it at an enemy. (Note: tahori cannot convert elemental or 'refined' magical energy into qki - only the raw stuff from the world. They are, effectively, powerless on a world with very low magic density.)

Technology: Alasa Ka has no advanced technology. It has some limited metalworking, used solely for forging weaponry, and some woodworking, used for primitive buildings and also fine weaponry. There are no docks around this world or, in fact, anywhere in the solar system.

Solar System: Alasa Ka is third of three worlds in the Ka system. Ka is a primitive system, boasting no worlds of technological prowess and only one world with average magical density; the other two are quite low. Ka is rarely visited and remains on the fringes of the traveling universe.

Galactic Location: Three and a half months from Airdh, four months from the Source of Light, nine and a half months from Gurhai, and a month and a half from Lo-N-Fas-R.

Intersun Trading: Alasa Ka does not partake in intersun trading at all. There aren't even docks.

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