World: Antra

Name: Antra [ANN-trah]

Indigenous Sentients: The only intelligent natives of Antra are qynes and nyai; there are other species that are fairly smart, but not sentient - notably siolriols and serovi.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Technically, the Mothers (niyan leaders of the Bondeds) and Mayors (leaders of the un-Bonded qynes) form a ruling class.

Other Factions/Nations: Everyone else.

Description: Antra is a pastoral, peaceful world with a reasonable diversity of wildlife and flora. Antra is 40% water, and about 40% of its land remains unexplored and/or unsettled. Despite having variety in its fauna, Antra is not filled to the brim with creatures - its animals seem to be almost sparse, though its ecosystem is balanced and thriving. Widespread qyne settlements and their farms and hunting may help control this unusual low density, but even in the unsettled areas, there are not as many animals as could be supported. There is no obvious reason or cause for this.

Magic: Antra is a world on the low side of average magical density; like most worlds, its innate energy is neutral. All forms of magic can be used with reasonable ease on Antra, though qynes frown on showy displays of power; black magic is also strongly frowned upon, as qynes see it as a disruption and nyai consider it an outright threat. Antra is not a Light-policed world, though it had been in the past, before qynes realized that Lightworkers were too intrusive into the natural flows of their lives and revoked the contract.

Technology: Antra has no advanced technology; metalworking, woodworking, leatherworking and tailoring, and pottery are the most significant forms of 'technology.' Most metalworking is fairly basic, used to construct items used in buildings and other pieces of construction, though some limited weaponry is also forged. There are some intersun docks present, though largely human-maintained.

Solar System: Antra is part of the Ancaza system, the first of three worlds. Antra is the most advanced of the worlds, but still is not advanced enough to be considered "technological"; the other worlds have no tool-users. Ancaza is in a corner of the universe that is rarely visited, except by scholars wishing to study the bardic magic of Vyza or the Bondeds of Antra.

Galactic Location: Three and a half months from the Source of Light, five and a half months from Gurhai, eight and a half months from Airdh, and three months from both Do'agnun and Ationa.

Intersun Trading: Antra engages in no significant intersun trading, but many people (typically humans or bipedal hominids) often visit to see the nyai and their Bondeds. Some small export of siolriols does occur, but only with specific organizations who have individuals trained by qynes on how to handle, care for, and breed the steeds.

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