Character: Arista Reenla

Full Name: Arista Reenla
Species: human
Gender: female
Age: 30 HYs
Homeworld: Ryarna

Appearance: 5'8" tall, 140 lbs. Arista is a fair-skinned woman (not as pale as Rai) with a dusting of freckles in some places; she has firm, angular features that give her an overall no-nonsense appearance. Her build is decidedly average, though she's worked to develop the muscle necessary in her line of work; she's extremely fit and capable, but has no definingly remarkable features. Her hair is sun-bleached-corn blonde and kept cropped very short (an inch or so long) for practical reasons; it tends to spike, instead of lay flat and smooth. Her eyes are pale blue.
Home/Possessions: Arista has reserved quarters on The Light's Hammer, a warship of the Light, and also quarters on Eregged. She owns a full set of fine leather armor, a second set of chainmail armor, and a third (very polished) set of platemail armor. They stack. She also has a well-made broadsword, and a small diamond-like jewel on a golden chain around her neck. Despite her rank, she owns nothing else.

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