World: At-lasa

Name: At-lasa [AT-LAS-suh; hard 'a' sounds as in 'cat']

Indigenous Sentients: The keusune tahori.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): None, really.

Other Factions/Nations: N/A.

Description: At-lasa is a fairly average world, primal and diverse with only modest settlements covering about 30% of its land, which is 60% of the entire planet's surface. Its wildlife would be considered rather dangerous by human or halasshi standards, but keusunes fit in as top-notch predators and survivors, so they make no complaints about deadly wilderness. (Their size helps. A lot.) At-lasa itself has a varied range of climates, terrains, flora, and fauna, making it a diverse world.

Magic: At-lasa is average in magical density. The planet itself seems to have a preponderance of normally-invisible magical beings with their own normally-invisible landscape overlying that of the 'real' At-lasa; this phenomenon is referred to as the 'spirit realm' by the keusunes who believe it exists. Bardic magic - particularly music magic - is considered the bridge between the spirit realm and the earth realm. If any accomplished non-keusune magicians ever visited At-lasa, they might well think they'd died and gone to a hell, if they could perceive the spirit realm in all its inanity.

Technology: At-lasa has some low-level tech. They have no intersun docks, but they do have moderate levels of metalworking and smithing and quite advanced woodworking and pottery.

Solar System: At-lasa is one of three worlds in the sun system of Dri. Dri lies along the very edge of the universe and is yet undiscovered by the major traveling races of the universe; so far, only k'anta and tahori know of it.

Galactic Location: Three months from the Source of Light, five and a half months from Airdh, eight months from Gurhai, a month and a week from Lo-N-Fas-R, two months from Ka, and two and a half months from Vuh (and Am-nyana and Corba and Carennh).

Intersun Trading: At-lasa participates in extremely limited intersun trading, mostly between the k'anta and the keusune tahori, though some other tahori occasionally get involved. Most of the actual trading takes place on K'tah; keusune traders commute between their homeworld and their colony world regularly. Few k'anta or non-keusune tahori come to At-lasa, and those who do have earned a great deal of trust from the keusunes.

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