World: Aydun

Name: Aydun [A-DOON]

Indigenous Sentients: The fvayzi are the only intelligent natives of Aydun.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): The fvayzi merchant guild.

Other Factions/Nations: There are various other merchant guilds run by different species who have a strong presence on Aydun, including but not limited to humans, halasshi, rarra, and others.

Description: Aydun is a particularly small, unimpressive world that tends to be somewhat dry and flat. Most of its natural resources have been used in the development of its natives; it has scarce wildlife and a fragile (but carefully preserved) ecological balance. It had been quite bare and monotonous until the halasshi discovered it and made a pact with the fvayzi; the fvayzi swiftly brought civilization to their world and built it into a thriving trade center. Now, it's networked with trainlines and caravan routes, heavily populated by sprawling cities that act as open marketplaces. Every city has its own extensive intersun dock.

Magic: Aydun is on the low side of average magical density. Magic-workers have access to all their tricks and spells, but there is less power available, so they tend to be less effective, acting more as supplements to alternative solutions. The fvayzi have little interest in or skill with magic, so Aydun is a Light-policed world. Though inactive/independent cultists are allowed on Aydun, they are prohibited from using any magic; Lightworkers monitor magic flow over the planet, as well as protect merchants and their goods from theft and/or murder.

Technology: Aydun did not originally have much technology, but after it became a trade center, all sorts of inventions and mechanisms began being imported to improve the sprawling marketplaces. Now, it easily ranks among the top ten (but not top five) of technological worlds in the universe, despite its tech being imported instead of home-grown. There's a smattering of all kinds of tech, from salvaged tache gear to rarran inventions to built-from-blueprints qkaulom machines to k'antan explosive weapons. It either exists to be used by merchants and visitors, or it's there to be sold or traded.

Solar System: Aydun is one of twelve worlds in the Do'agnun system. Do'agnun is one of five heavily frequented places in the universe; nine of its twelve worlds are very civilized, and eleven of twelve worlds engage in some intersun trading.

Galactic Location: Four weeks from the Source of Light; five weeks from the Corba system; five and a half months from Airdh; six and a half months from Gurhai. Close to the center of the universe, but not quite in the middle.

Intersun Trading: Aydun is actually the foremost trading center of the entire universe. The entire planet became one big marketplace after the fvayzi colonized nearby Glofen and used that as their more 'domestic' center. Though the fvayzi remain in regulated control of the entire world, there are several other major species who have large trading centers on Aydun; the fvayzi take a cut in profits and charge various fees/taxes, and the diversity of goods on Aydun is increased - a win-win situation.

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