Species: Brithum

This is not a complete write-up.

2' winged quadrupeds, feathered, mustelids. Weasel-like face, long neck, deep chest, long body and proportionally short legs (very flexible, fairly strong), long tapering tail. Feathers from nose, over face, neck, and ending just past the shoulders, fading into fluffy and then smoother, sleeker fur; tail reverts back to feathering. Their fur is always earth tones, usually without markings, but can have stripes, rosettes, etc. Their feathers, however, can be flourescent or earth-toned, and any markings or colour patterns can occur on the plumage. Their eyes are either gold or silver, gold being males and silver being females. Seeing as there is no other size difference or scent difference, eye colour is often the best way to tell the difference between genders. Very agile and swift flyers, not very strong or enduring. Predators, going after small prey (birds, fish, rodents) or scavenging, occasionally eating fruits. Paws have long toes (not quite fingers) with hooking claws; sharp, small teeth. Good senses overall, tend to be most active at dusk and dawn; can sleep during the day or night. Very clannish, but can adopt non-brithums into the group. Offspring are born live.

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