Species: Burca

This is not a finished write-up.

One burca, two burcai, the burcai. Ranging in size from 6-30 lbs, based on breed, and almost like incomplete gryphons, what with the combination of bird wings and cat body. They have four different races: a medium-sized, browns-and-greys predatory race; a large, whites-and-greys waterloving race; a medium-sized, jewel-colored fruit-eating race; and a small, mixed-color insectivore race. They are two-legged - feline hind legs + wings - and have a combination of feathers and fur around their wings (flanks, shoulders, chest, back, back of head, neck) and fur elsewhere (legs, tail, rump, stomach, face). Their paws are a little talon-like with extended toes for gripping - there are five, as well, with the innermost one being half a thumb. The predatory race has semi-retractable talons, while other races have smaller, fully retractable claws, and the water race has webbed toes. Coloration is intricate and pretty and depends entirely on race. They're intelligent, of course, with a combination of feline and avian demeanors - socialness depends on race, as does general temperament. No tech.

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