Species: Buta

This is not a complete write-up.

owl-like faces: huge round eyes, ripping tearing beak, griffin-like feather-tuft-ears that are actually attached to mobile flesh, so they can make expressions (but still largely consist of feathers, not flesh); bodies like a cross between lynxes and koalas, looking soft and lumpy and loose-skinned, but long-legged and short-torso'd and wide-pawed, with a nubbin' tail tufted with longish feathers, almost like a whitetail deer's tail; paws are four-toed and clawed with long, sharp, curving talons; pelt is half-feather and half-fur, the feathers being short and thick along the tops of shoulders and hips and down the back, from skull to tail, with the rest being thick and fluffy fur; variety of color combinations and patterned markings, most common being black/white/browns/greys; lay eggs in small clutches of 2-5; generally cool-weather animals but can live in temperate or warm areas as well, provided plenty of food and water and shade; omnivores but skilled hunters and fishers

name: buta(i) [boo-tah, boo-ty]

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