Species: Carpinillium

This is not a complete write-up.

Often called carps. Massive quadrupedal lupines, arctic-based, dense layered shaggy fur, predators, extremely clannish and unfriendly to outsiders/aliens. Fur can be white, light grey, silvery, mother-of-pearl, light cream, even blue-white. Usually blue eyes, sometimes gold, all a solid single color with the pupil invisible; four eyes, two in the 'normal' place and two to above and to the outside of those, giving them a greatly increased field of vision while still having great depth perception. Motion-based sight, dull color sense only. Fantastic sense of smell and hearing; can communicate long-distance by howling. Body has feline flexibility, despite the wolfish torso and limbs; paws are wide, webbed (snowshoe paws), and sporting wickedly sharp and hook-like claws (traction). Tails are long, muscular, and incredibly fluffy (like a foxtail), which conceals the sharp bone-blade protruding from the tip; it is used to strike like a scorpion does, overhead, or slice from the side or behind the carp. The tail is prehensile and very strong, but not flexible enough to constrict around anything but a large torso.

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