World: Cgorev

Name: Cgorev [KGOR-ehv]

Indigenous Sentients: None

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): The colonizing qkaulom rule over everything.

Other Factions/Nations: None.

Description: Cgorev is an open, once-beautiful world of sprawling grasslands, low and rolling mountain ranges, and expansive but uncluttered forests. Unlike Erdor, which is riddled with caves and natural tunnel systems, Cgorev is generally flat and dense on the surface, providing very few mineral resources. Its wildlife is surprisingly passive and weak, especially compared to the monstrous creatures on many other worlds. When the qkaulom came from Erdor, they had no problems conquering the fauna and establishing secure settlements in the darkest areas of Cgorev. Over time, they spread out, though they still refuse to settle an area with no protection from the sun. (They do, however, build power generator stations there, absorbing and storing solar energy to power nearby technology, including their shaded cities.)

Magic: Cgorev is an extremely low-magic world. When the qkaulom arrived and took over, they began using Cgorev blackgems to continue powering the males' mechanical arms, as well as some few Harbingers that they'd brought with them. Female qkaulom were given the duty of crafting and maintaining the blackgem supply. Outside of the gems, no magic is available to be used; even the most powerful of magicians would be powerless if s/he came to Cgorev.

Technology: Unsurprisingly, the qkaulom brought most of their finest and most innovative technology from Erdor, including a small army of Harbingers that would later be distributed amongst the largest settlements. In the generations between the qkaulom's arrival and the present day, Cgorevinian technology has evolved in a surprising direction - solar-powered, instead of magic-crystal-powered. Since blackgems are so rare and precious on Cgorev, they are used solely for male qkaulom arms and for Harbingers; the sun became the other most reliable source of energy. Cgorev cities are diurnal, operating only during the day (and at half-power during dawn, dusk, and overcast days). As a result of having to ration fuel for their impressive inventions, the technology on Cgorev is not as widespread, nor as advanced, as that on Erdor.

Solar System: Cgorev resides in the Erdor system, second of two planets. The other planet - Erdor - is the homeworld of the conquering qkaulom and is highly technological, even moreso than Cgorev itself.

Galactic Location: Five weeks from Ztar, six weeks from Ationa, two months from Do'agnun, four and a half months from Airdh, two months and three weeks from the Source of Light, eight and a half months from Gurhai.

Intersun Trading: Cgorev has little to do with intersun trading; most qkaulom trading is done on Erdor. What little trade that does occur is typically in raw materials, primarily ores and crystals.

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