Species: Cgorevini

Name: cgorevini [kgor-ehv-EE-nee]

Homeworld: Cgorev

Height/Length/Weight: The cgorevini are small overall, but the females are notably bigger than the males. They range from 10-14' in length from nose to tail, with a girth of 1-2'; if they stretch, they can lift up to half their lengths off the ground, but most move about with their heads around 3-4' high. They are surprisingly light for their width, ranging from 250-300 lbs.

Physical Description: Cgorevini are four-armed, legless, serpentine rodents. They're covered in short, coarse fur which is matted into layered slabs along their undersides, to a similar effect of the reticulation of a snake's underbelly scales. They have narrow, whiskery snouts with sensitive noses, small eyes, and tiny round ears. Their arms are thin and lean; the forward-most/top pair are slightly more muscular and end in inflexible, palm-like paws rimmed in dull claws - these forepaws act as shovels and aid in tunneling through soft dirt and sand. Their lowpaws are more paw-like with a smaller sole, four medium-long toes, and tiny but sharper claws. Cgorevini bodies are fairly squat for their length with tapering tails; genitalia for both genders stays hidden away in a slit on their undersides, near the tailtip.

Senses/Capabilities: Cgorevini are widely regarded to have very poor senses, but in truth, their senses are good - just very short in range. They have excellent eyes for detail and color, their hearing is sensitive to close noises, and they have a decent sense of smell for nearby odors. As for capabilities, the cgorevini are unimpressive. They can't move faster than ~10 mph, they have weak arms and lack sufficient prehensility in their bodies to be constrictor-strong, their endurance is mediocre at best, and they are too thick for their length to be very agile. While that made them slightly above average in comparison to Cgorev wildlife, it also made them easy prey to the qkaulom.

Coloration/Clothing: Cgorevini don't wear clothing. Their eyes are a bright yellow; their fur is typically a shade of medium brown with sparse, short streak-like markings running along their bodies (near spine and along flanks). Markings are a deep purple on females and a medium grass-green on males. Their undersides tend to be somewhat greybrown.

Races/Breeds: Cgorevini used to have varying ethnicities, but the qkaulom wiped out so much of the population that only the main breed survived.

Language: Cgorevini speak vinian, a soft and chittery language. Vinian is very basic with limited vocabulary, relying heavily on body language and tone of voice to convey exact meanings and emotions. Many qkaulom speak vinian, as well.

Technology: Cgorevini never developed nor used technology.

Magic: Since Cgorev is such a magic-dry world, magic never became commonplace. However, the wisest old cgorevini carefully managed what little magic there was by storing it in receptive crystals - barely stronger than glass and a translucent black in color, these blackgems were mined, shaped, polished, and then imbued with just enough magic to use for low-key blessings on people and crops. When the qkaulom arrived, the women took over the cgorevinian task of enchanting blackgems; the art has been lost to modern cgorevini.

Values: Cgorevini have always primarily valued survivability. Once, that included hunting, fishing, and gathering; once, that included warding off potential predators away from oneself and one's warren. Now, survivability means anonymity and absolute obedience to the qkaulom.

Social Groups/Society: Cgorevini used to live in large warrens, banding together for safety in numbers. They stayed close to their extended families and it was a rare cgorevini that didn't take a mate as soon as it was able; family was of primary importance. Now, however, cgorevini are sectioned off and owned by qkaulom settlements and households; they are bred like animals to keep the population at an acceptable level, and families are carefully kept apart.

Reproduction/Aging: Cgorevini are short-lived; they are adults at three years and very old at forty, few living into their fifties. Gestation is four months and kits are born live and fairly well-developed (physically); the kids don't nurse, but are given blood to drink until their teeth finish coming through (takes about a month from birth), at which point they can chew soft meats and fruits. For the first year of their lives, kits are essentially nonsentient; during the second year, their brain development catches up to their physical development, and the third year brings adolescence and then adulthood. Cgorevini were never monogamous, but they did choose their mates carefully and with love, keeping their interwoven families close; modern cgorevini have lost that value and breed only to see their species survive.

Habitat/Settlements: Cgorevini primarily lived in flat, open expanses with long grass and dirt soft enough to tunnel into. Their homes were underground in a network of tunnels and carved-out 'rooms' - no predator could follow them down there. Now, however, they live wherever their owners live.

Religion/Beliefs: Cgorevini were pacifists before the qkaulom arrived. They lived as part of the natural cycle of the world, right in the middle of the food chain; they honored their fellow creatures and their ancestors. They sang and told stories to keep their oral history alive and well. Now, however, enslaved cgorevini cannot pass on more than mere snippets and whispers of their own history and culture under the watchful eye of the qkaulom.

Interaction w/ Other Species: Cgorevini are enslaved by the qkaulom; they fear them and obey only under threat of dismemberment and/or death. They've never encountered any other race, but it is likely that they would react with the same terror.

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