Characters: WIP Descriptions

Sachi has dark tawny (light-medium brown) skin, dark brown hair (long, thick, curly/wavy), yellow eyes. Strongly muscular build, around 5'11", proportionate, still curvy enough to be recognized as a female, but of the right size/build to pass with effort as male/androgyne. Strong facial features. Generally combat- and hunting-oriented, strongly instinctual, silent, stoic, aggressive and lethal in battle, difficult to befriend, often a loner. (No emigonu skin; sanero skin is white-furred, dark-clawed, 6'8" at the shoulder, muscular and long-legged.)

Ri(ame) has dark reddish-brown skin with black 'points' (along the backs/undersides of her forearms, elbows, calves, knees, and between the shoulderblades - also black tailfringe - also a little paler redbrown along her lower face, throat, chest), black hair (cropped short, straight, neither thick nor thin), pale blue eyes. Athletic but not brawny or thin build, short for a keu at 5'8", proportionate, definitely female (to a point where she can't really pass unless completely, heavily clothed/cloaked). Clean-cut facial features. Specializes in armed/feral combat but has a wide range of other skills, including 'porting and tracking and linguistics; easy-going, friendly, but still more intuitive and feral than most the 'civilized' keusunes she's around; has a particular knack with music and the spirits, though she does little to develop it at first. (Average build in emigonu and sanero skins - which is to say, fairly well-muscled and lithe - with dark claws. Emigonu is 7'7" when straightened and ~7' when standing normally, and sanero is 6'1" at the shoulder; still shorter than the average, but not excessively so.)

Tama(kulo) has greyblack skin with silvery 'points' (same as Riame) and silvery speckles (all along the back of his neck, his back, his flanks, his butt), silvery hair (shoulder-length, straight, fine), pale green eyes. Long and lean build, around 6'1", fine-featured, rather androgynous. Extremely tactful, silver-tongued, diplomatic, mindful of politics and consequences; generally very genial and gentle(manly), kind-hearted, compassionate; willing to risk his life for the right reason, occasionally brash, and more combat-oriented than most merchants; lacks a superiority complex or any condescending attitude towards those technically lower in station than he. (Still somewhat lean in emigonu but average in sanero, dark claws. Emigonu is 8'2" straightened and 7'9" when standing normally, and sanero is 6'5" at the shoulder.)

Broju has green-tinged medium-brown skin, black hair (thick, unruly, about shoulder-length or a little past, uneven), vivid green eyes. Tall but rather lean for a tache, around 6'9", clean-cut and smooth-for-a-tache facial features, well-muscled but not a tank. Soft-spoken, polite, reserved, gentle, compassionate, xenotolerant; a fury in battle and rough-edged when hurt/tired; protective, usually will not provoke violence. (Emigonu skin is 8'9" and just as lean/muscley.)

"Vex" has dark-chocolate-brown (back) and warm-golden (front) skin, ivory beak, black/translucent claws, pale yellow eyes. A fairly average sirian in build and size, around 8'3" when standing straight and closer to 7'9" when standing normally, extremely lean and thin and bony, wiry-strong. Very quiet, graceful, tactful, mild-mannered; reserved, self-contained, detached, aloof, difficult to befriend; incredibly swift, incredibly lethal, unfazed by killing those who voluntarily engage in violence/confrontation with him.

Re: Taken, this happens after Broju is adult and learns of the full story between taches and tahori. This happens after Ri goes into the work-force as a merc, but well before she meets Tama and gets hired on as a permanent part of Keuka Trade. I don't have a damn clue about Vex's timeline - he's older than them both, since Broju would be around 23 here and Riame'd be 25ish, and Vex would be more like 35 HYs. Broju gets blown clear off Nami Ka - this is how he gets into the greater universe - and Riame… may've been on Nami Ka for an assignment, actually. Maybe as bodyguard for a diplomat/trader. They get caught up in everything, trader dies (probably after being proven a scumbag - or escapes after the same), Riame and Broju get blasted to … wherever. (Man, where do they wind up? It would have to be a low-magic world to prevent her from 'porting out, but a world with civilization and trade/travel. Or she can be lightly collared - silver, not gold - and be able to shift, but not 'port. Beryck is a good one - it's low-magic, and Broju could wind up on Sige easily afterwards. So, no collar.) Whatever people did the blasting try to later follow up and make some killinz, presumably targeting Broju and presumably at least partially k'anta mercs. Someone may have let slip that there's a tache on Nami Ka and someone with a chip decided to make it dead; that's a good initial assumption. (Also, Broju woulda been trained as a magician by the namiccians. :D In fact, his physical training would've been limited to the very basics - how to move, and the fundamentals of physical combat. The finer things and his use of qki will have to be spontaneously learned. Ri could help.) Once on Beryck, Ri and Broju run into Vex (who is on Beryck for mysterious and unknown reasons) and hook up with him. Eventually, they find out who's behind the mercs and, in the end, they probably hop onto a high-magic ship, Ri 'ports them all elsewhere, and they go kill the person. (Or, the person gets fed up with merc failure and comes there to do it itself.)

Cheating: Broju knows vocan. Namiccians used him as a contact with the very few and far-between human ships who pass by, just enough to get functionally fluent in the language. Ri is barely functional in it; she has decent listening comprehension, but she's poor at speaking it, and she can't read it. Vex is fluent.

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