Species: Chelyi

This is not a complete write-up.

chelyi, elephantine turtles; turtle face (beak-tipped jaws, great strength, used for catching/crushing fish and reptiles; omnivorous, though, can consume green plants and vegetables - no fruit, roots, sticks, grass) with double-lidded eyes; adapted for living in the water, but not amphibious, just really good swimmers; long powerful neck, heavy body with back and flanks encased by a shell; belly is unprotected by the shell but very thick-skinned in bands (remnants of when they had a full shell); thick, solid elephant-like legs (no jumping ability, can kick a wall down) with wide turtle-like feet (complete with long, curving claws): has enough mobility/dexterity in legs and feet to function well as a land-walking quadruped (about as well as a grizzly/polar bear does); thin mostly-useless tail about half a leg long; exact shell shape is determined by ethnicity: some shells are smooth, others are plated, some are even spiked: some shells cover shoulders and hips, others only reach halfway down the flanks; generally dull greens and greys and browns in color, usually mottled and shaded; slow-moving but immensely strong, very enduring, capable of carrying their own weight and pulling twice that (without wheels); calm and slow-thinking but not stupid, usually gentle if not graceful; can retract neck (but not head) into shell

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