The Druidic Coalition

Nature Magic

Nature magic is the most common type of magic in the universe. Nearly every species that uses any kind of magic started with nature magic: weather magic, elemental magic, flora magic, and animal magic. Weather magic is common, preventing floods or calling rain in a drought, subtly effecting the temperature to be kinder to the life-forms and crops in the area. Elemental magic works directly with particular elements; flying races will often have an affinity for air magic, while amphibious or aquinous species will have an affinity for water magic. (There are also two races in the universe, ksatsi and quinus, who have an affinity for fire magic.) Flora magic is extremely common for races who have any form of agriculture; it helps crops grow, fruits ripen, and all plants remain healthy and productive. Animal magic is often found among hunting races or in places that are especially fauna-dense; it can range from being able to track prey to wordlessly communicating with non-hostile animals to help in herding/protecting them to actually taking on aspects of various creatures, be it behaviors or keen senses. Animal magic also includes shapeshifting, either partial (growing claws or fur) or full (completely becoming an animal). When reckoning magic with human classes, druids are the only ones who specialize in nature magic; when reckoning with general castes, nature magic can be considered elemental magic (includes weather magic), living magic (animal and flora magic), and world magic (combination of elemental and living magic).

The Coalition

The Coalition is not an intersun guild for any and all nature magic-workers; it is a group of fanatics who are violently opposed to one or more of three things: technology/industry, black magic/cults, and/or the Light/Lightworkers. The Coalition is not a cohesive entity; it is a banner under which extremists can gather to oppose cult activities, Lightworker policing, and/or destructive industry on any world. Something of a militia, the Coalition has no coordinated goals or hierarchy, or even united leadership; it functions as a righteously angry mob, and its members will typically go to great lengths to aid other Coalitionists when and where they can. Coalitionists generally uphold the idealogy of nature, including its cyclical patterns and the natural-ness of life and death; they resist enforced life (the Light) or enforced death (cults), and they nearly universally hate the removal of natural things (technology/industry).

The Coalition is occasionally referred to as 'the third party' when grouped with cults and the Light to discuss magical groups with considerable political power and/or impact. There are few ships willing to work solely for the Coalition, but those that do are typically well-funded and massive, capable of transporting even theragons from world to world, as needed. The Coalition has been responsible for stopping or even extinguishing extremely dangerous cults, as well as driving buthine or other factories to close and shutting down a technological trade route and preventing Lightworkers from policing a planet; their effects can be anywhere from beneficial to inconvenient to disastrous.

Coalition Classes

The following descriptions were taken from the human magic classes page. They are reproduced here for convenience.

Druid - communion with nature & spirits, shapeshifting (partial & full), animal aspects, green thumb, heightened senses, weather magic, terraforming, elemental magic
Berserker (druid + warrior) - shapeshifting (partial, rarely full), animal aspects, heightened senses, communion with nature, physical prowess, protection/guardian, rage, qki
Witch Doctor (warlock + druid) - disease/plague (via concoctions), curse/hex, debuff, animal aspects, communion with nature & spirits, elemental magic
Elemental Mage (druid + mage) - communion with nature & spirits, green thumb, weather magic, terraforming, elemental magic, spells, rituals, lore, power storage & management
Bard (druid + priest) - communion with nature & spirits & ancestors & gods, animal aspects, green thumb, heightened senses, limited healing, bless/buff, purify/cure
Shaman (warlock + druid + warrior) - curse/hex, elemental magic, debuff, limited communion with nature & spirits, physical prowess, protection/guardian, rage, qki
Ranger (druid + mage + warrior) - communion with nature, elemental magic, green thumb, animal aspects, spells, rituals, physical prowess, weapons expertise, rage, protection/guardian, qki
Monk (druid + priest + warrior) - communion with nature & gods, heightened senses, animal aspects, very limited healing, bless/buff, physical prowess, rage, protection/guardian, qki

Coalition Population

The following lists are rough estimates only. From top to bottom are the most to least populous species found in the Coalition; each species is then followed by its typical class, from most to least common.

vur - all Coalition classes
human - all Coalition classes
harinni - druid, berserker
ku Lo'hês - druid, berserker
Ztar'ai - berserker, druid
daereon - witch doctor, elemental mage, druid
caline - druid, berserker, ranger
b'kanna - shaman, witch doctor, berserker, druid
arlen - druid, elemental mage, bard
brithum - berserker, druid
quinus - berserker, elemental mage
theragon - berserker

k'anta - berserker, ranger, elemental mage, druid
lau - bard, elemental mage, druid
f'saik'n - druid, berserker
rarra - elemental mage, ranger
qyne - druid, berserker, elemental mage, ranger
xaol - shaman, witch doctor, berserker
corata - berserker, druid
sirian - elemental mage, ranger
mareni - druid, elemental mage
keusune - berserker, druid
zsoni - berserker, ranger

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