System: Corba

Name: Corba [KOR-bah]
Galactic Location: Very close to the center of the universe.
Neighboring Systems: 1.75 months away from Dtan to the north; 1.5 months away from Carennh to the north-east; 2.5 months away from Os to the east; .5 months away from Source of Light in the south-east; 1.25 months away from Do'agnun to the south; 1.5 months away from Am-nyana to the west; 2.25 months away from Lo-N-Fas-R to the north-west.
Worlds In System: Huss'u, Keffish, Oakh, Jubagh
Natives: b'kanna, corata, baghan
Colonists: none

System Formation: Third Category. The four worlds are arranged in a rough circle in an up-down-up-down pattern, all approximately the same distance from the sun in the center of the circle. Because half the worlds are opposite the other half, the polar sides of their gravitic ore layers create a balanced field that keeps the sun oscillating vertically between them, creating an equal night-day cycle. Seasonal changes are fairly predictable, since the worlds are spinning horizontally while the sun stays on the same vertical axis; seasons are more extreme near the edges of the worlds and taper into a seasonless temperate zone in the very center of the world.
About the System: Despite its central location, Corba is a relatively unimportant and uncivilized system. Though Huss'u is one of the top five magic-rich worlds in the universe, it is not colonized by any magic-workers eager to use such power; none of the other worlds are noteworthy to those outside the system. No world is yet Light-policed, though efforts are being made on Oakh. Very little trade or travel passes through this system, though cultists are frequenting Huss'u more regularly as time goes on.

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