World: Creen

Name: Creen

Indigenous Sentients: Creen boasts five native species: the nyja-nyja, the hyiin, the hursyh, the ysta, and the tchen.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Creen is segmented into a vast array of individual nations, factions, and city-states. None of them rules over any more than itself; there are no coalitions, no world-wide governments, and no ruling guilds.

Other Factions/Nations: All nations/factions fall under the 'other' category. See above.

Description: Creen is one of those worlds that is so complex and so diverse that it is extremely hard to sum up. It is 70% land, well over half of which is settled and/or explored by sentients; it has the full spectrum of natural environments (terrain/climate) and an impressive variety of wildlife and plantlife. Most of its surface area is claimed by some faction or nation, even large chunks which are yet unexplored, and the political interaction of various nations and factions (and the various species within them) is intricate at best and blindly labyrinthic at worst.

Magic: Creen is a magic-average world, somewhat towards the lower end of average. Magic use is common, given that each race has an elemental affinity, and visiting magic-users find themselves quite near full power here. Few crenians boast the awesome power of some non-native mages, but equally few crenians don't use magic at all, so it evens out.

Technology: Creen has moderate technology; wood-working is everywhere and metal-working is quite widespread. Metal weapons, jewelry, tools, and construction materials are common in most nations; city-states are the ones with the least technology and the fewest resources available to them, so they often trade for weaponry and have no other forms of metal. Creen also has a few modest intersun docks, built and maintained by the Lo'hês.

Solar System: Creen is one of three planets in the Carennh system, a moderately civilized and somewhat out-of-the-way star system. Yucca is the only completely untechnological world; Creen itself holds moderate technology (wood- and metal-working), and Mbaun has several advanced metallurgy centers.

Galactic Location: Six weeks from Corba, six weeks from the Source of Light, seven months from Airdh, five and a half months from Gurhai.

Intersun Trading: Despite its level of civilization, Creen doesn't actively engage in any major intersun trading; it is self-sufficient and seems to be content to stay that way, even at the cost of slower development. However, there are a couple of small docks, so visitors aren't entirely unheard of.

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