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The term "cultist" refers to a practitioner of some variation of black magic (largely warlocks, black mages, and banshees, but includes witch doctors, necromancers, assassins, and reapers) who is a member of an organization based off this dark inclination. Note that not all individuals who use dark magic are cultists. Some cults are crime rings, while others are almost academy-like in structure, while yet others are tightly-knit family-like cliques. Not all cults are actively detrimental to society and living things, but many are. Cults establish multiracial colonies in many places, and they entirely control the Ka Su Len sun system.

Cultists can be a number of species, but the most common are as follows:

  1. human
  2. daereon
  3. b'kanna
  4. anean
  5. rarra
  6. sirian
  7. vur
  8. xaol
  9. chelyi
  10. arlen
  11. ura
  12. kassiger
  13. gracken
  14. noalin
  15. priing
  16. buthine
  17. lau
  18. ouro
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