World: Deonna

Name: Deonna [dee-O-nah]

Solar System: Source of Light

Location in System: Deonna is along the outer ring of worlds around the sun, where it's still quite livable but more on the temperate/cool side; the living side of the world faces downwards. Its neighbors are Eregged on one side and Camma on the other, which is the only world in the system to be in the warm inner ring.

Population: Deonna is colonized by both luirkanni and humans, though all government and official authorities are solely luirkan. There are actually more humans, population-wise, at a ratio of about 60% to 40% luirkanni. Deonna is also host to very small populations of other races who are also Lightworkers.

Magic: Deonna is a high-magic world, just a step below the five most magic-rich worlds in the universe. Even novices with little skill are capable of gathering considerable power here, and nearly every level of spell and technique can be performed here with little effort. Unlike most planets, however, Deonna is attuned to the Light; other kinds of magic are weak, as though the magic-user were on a low-magic world, except for Light and its derivatives. Black magic in particular is nearly unusable on Deonna (and, in fact, anywhere in the Source).

Technology: Deonna is considered a high-civilization world, well-settled and sophisticated in architecture and tools. Luirkan technology is simple, efficient, graceful, and nearly always Light-powered; there are no factories and little industry beyond what is needed to supply a modest population with means of transportation and little luxuries. Only luirkan technology is present on Deonna; no other races are allowed to contribute.

Intersun Trading: Deonna is the only planet in its system that is visited only in the name of education. Home to the majority of training schools and academies of the Light, it is the required location for all recruits during at least part of their education. Deonna has no trade outside the barest necessities, shipped from other worlds in the system.

Description: Deonna is one of the Light-attuned planets, and as a result, nearly all of its native flora and fauna are tinted golden or white in some way, giving the landscape a surreal look. The grasses are golden and the leaves are yellow-white, most tree bark a rich golden-brown or golden-green; animals and birds are pastel, some of which can even use the Light themselves in minimal, instinctive ways. Deonna is fairly temperate and seasonal, despite the overall 'warm' look its color palette offers the viewer. It is heavily-settled but not congested; cities and academies are spaced out over most of its surface, usually positioned near one of its multitude of small, fast rivers. Smooth roads connect the cities and wind through the countryside, reaching out to the farms and orchards and ranches that feed the population of the settlements. Deonna is a naturally peaceful world, the few animals dangerous enough to pose a threat to either luirkan or human keeping well away from civilization.

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