System: Do'agnun

Name: Do'agnun [doh-AG-nuhn, 'o' as in 'dough', 'a' as in 'cat']
Galactic Location: Near the center of the universe.
Neighboring Systems: 1 month away from Source to the north; 1.75 months away from Am-nyana to the north-west; 3 months away from Hiith to the west; 2 months away from Kaul to the south-west; 1 month away from Ationa to the south; 1.75 months away from Drosz to the south-east; 2.25 months away from Eusa'lae to the east.
Worlds In System: Aydun, Glofen, Aghal, Jemit, Sherrn, Mater, Fres, Ere, Kel'k, Carf, Lynh
Natives: fvayzi, hresahr, arlen, sirian, gracken
Colonists: fvayzi, tsanai, human, zsoni, mareni, lau, buthine, arlen

System Formation: Third Category. The twelve worlds are arranged in a rough circle around the sun so that the polarity of the worlds' gravitic ore layers and keeps the sun oscillating vertically in the center of the circle, creating a mostly-equal night-day cycle. However, since this system is so large, not all the worlds fit within the optimum range from the sun; three worlds are in the hot zone (down-up-down), four worlds are in the warm zone (up-down-up-down), four worlds are in the cool zone (down-up-down-up), and one world is in the cold zone (up). Seasonal changes are fairly predictable, since the worlds are spinning horizontally while the sun stays on the same vertical axis; seasons are more extreme near the edges of the worlds and taper into a seasonless temperate zone in the very center of the world.
About the System: Do'agnun is one of the sun systems most central to universal economy and travel; it's also the largest system. Its claim to fame is mostly Aydun, a planet wholly devoted to trade and merchantry, that is arguably the heartbeat of the entire economy across the suns. Being so centrally located and much more open to travelers of all sorts than the Source of Light, it is a frequent stopping-point for intersun ships. Do'agnun is not wholly Light-policed, though many individual worlds are.

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