System: Dri

Name: Dri [DREE]
Galactic Location: Near the upper curve in the middle of the universe.
Neighboring Systems: 2.25 months from Ckanzis to the east; 1.25 months from Dtan to the south-east; 1.25 months from Lo-N-Fas-R to the south-west; 2 months from Ka to the south-west-west.
Worlds In System: At-lasa, K'tah, Senhyv
Natives: tahori: keusune
Colonists: k'anta, tahori: keusune

System Formation: Second Category. The three worlds face away from each other so that the non-polar sides of their gravitic ore point inwards, and the sun swings an ellipse around them. The worlds spin like frisbees, creating seasonal change, and the sun's orbit creates a day-night cycle; the night is roughly twice as long as the day and can get considerably colder. With these types of sun systems, the seasons are most extreme near the edges of the worlds, becoming more uniform and changeless towards the center of the planet. All second-category systems are horizontally aligned, so that the planets face outwards towards other systems and the sun's ellipse is horizontal.
About the System: Dri is a system unknown outside its own section of the void, which loosely includes Lo-N-Fas-R, Ka, and Vuh. It is unremarkable, both magically and technologically, though colonizing k'anta have brought a certain level of industry to K'tah, which is slowly becoming a k'anta-tahori trade center. No intersun ships visit Dri, since it remains in old tache space.

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