World: Dyalga

Name: Dyalga [dee-AHL-gah]

Solar System: Ationa

Location in System: Dyalga is along the outer ring of worlds around the sun, where it's still quite livable but more on the temperate/cool side; the living side of the world faces downwards. Its neighbors are Ryarna to one side, which is in the inner and warmer ring of worlds, and Thurmenyan on the other side, which is in the same cool ring as Dyalga.

Population: Dyalga has no natives; it is colonized by halasshi (the original colonists), humans, Lo'hês, and buthines. Humans and halasshi are the most populous, but neither Lo'hês nor buthines are exactly rare.

Magic: Dyalga is a low-magic world, but not so magic-dry that magic cannot be used. High-power magic spells and rituals are ineffective or impossible to complete here, but most standard magical activity can be done, albeit with weaker results and a longer production time.

Technology: Thanks to buthines, Dyalga is considered a high-civilization world, replete with advanced architecture, metal-working, and tool use. Some machines - mostly for long-distance travel - do exist, but the most cutting-edge technology, such as robotics, is not in use here. For the most part, humans and Lo'hês only use the technology provided; they do not invent, produce, maintain, or repair it.

Intersun Trading: Dyalga participates in a fair amount of intersun trading; it is a common destination for merchants who want to set up a new shop on a relatively peaceful, relatively civilized world. Some of the larger trade routes in-system will make regular stops on Dyalga, but few of the intersun routes bother. There is also a light but fairly constant flow of immigrants to Dyalga, often entire families.

Description: Dyalga has a reputation of being one of the most pleasant worlds in the universe. It is well-civilized and well-settled, but not congested or so technological that magic-users can't get by with their own skills; it is peaceable and safe, but not strictly policed by any forces of the Light. Dyalga is a popular destination for people fleeing more dangerous worlds, as it is home to neither Lightworkers nor cults; it is a domestic haven for any shades of grey between the two extremes. Its four colonizing races work together as well as possible in keeping the world free of detrimental groups and individuals, evenly-populated, and trade-rich.

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