Species: Er'Juggar

This is not a complete write-up.

er'Juggari, 1.5' winged quadrupeds, usually insatiably curious and annoyingly clever. They don't have fur, simply a soft, supple-leather-like hide, which changes colours and shades constantly (usually pastels or soft earth tones, rarely anything dark). Their eyes are also a swirl or cloudy mix of pastels. They're slender and light with lean legs and a slim torso, as well as a long, sinuous neck. They have short, surprisingly brawny tails that sport a pair of draconic wings— which are backwards. (It's a strange setup, but there is a miniature ribcage associated with the wings, enabling greater expansion and contraction to facilitate flapping.) The wings are large enough in comparison to the er'Juggar that the wings, when folded, stretch from tailtip to the creature's face. Their bones, light and hollow like a bird's, are skinny and long, with the joints unusually large. So their paws, long-toed, seem oddly aged. They have thick webbing between their toes and also thinner webbing draped over the toes, giving their paws the look of very flat, thin paw-pancakes. Their claws are small and thin, very sharp, much like an eagle's claws. Protruding from just behind their jaws are two 1' tentacles, feathery and soft, slender and prehensile and delicate. The feathering is narrow near the base and widens into a triangular tip which can hide the individual's face, shielding it from wind or rain or dust or sight. Er'Juggari have a long, narrow muzzle with small narrow teeth protruding like a crocodile's, but their nose is shoved up like a pug's at the end, giving them a just-ran-into-a-wall look. Their ears are huge and floppy. They have very furry eyebrows, which are remarkably mobile and enables them to give a full range of eye-expressions, such as scowling and looking surprised. Their forehead is very sudden, cutting straight down to extend into a muzzle, which gives their eyes a good range of vision. They also have snake-like, very long tongues - it's the funniest thing to see one pant. The most remarkable thing about them is not their odd biological features, or even the fact that they fly backwards, but that most of them know enough air magic to simply walk on air - on 'air pockets', as they call them, giving them the nickname 'air-hoppers'. Even other air-mages can rarely distinguish an air pocket from regular air, so er'Juggari remain strange to even them.

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