World: Gisufa

Name: Gisufa [gee-SOO-fah]

Indigenous Sentients: Gisufa's natives are the barzen. Technically, as the f'saik'n were first created while on Gisufa, they belong as well - but they're nowhere near as old as the other.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Humans. They came, they colonized, they took over. Specifically, witch doctor sects of various black magic cults.

Other Factions/Nations: F'saik'n live in tribes, and barzen wander. None of them interact with the cultists if they can help it.

Description: Gisufa is a rich, wild world that is slowly being tainted with the influence of black magic, especially around the human settlements. Away from the humans, wildlife still exists in dazzling diversity, and barzen live naturally. The witch doctor settlements have begun permanently warping the world around them; green grass is now razor-sharp (though the purple grass is still soft), certain streams are poisoned, and the flora and fauna closest to the humans have been cursed, corrupted, or outright transformed into mutations. Most of the damage done by cultists is in training their newest recruits, so none of the truly powerful ever have a hand in withering Gisufa; thus the world lasts longer than it would if it were a true cultist center. (Given its magical alignment, Gisufa won't ever become a real home to cultists.) The small populations of f'saik'n stay as far from the humans as possible.

Magic: Gisufa is a world average in magic; its innate energy is elemental in nature, so purely demonic/black magic, purely arcane magic, and the Light cannot be used there. However, druidic magic and the hybrid magics (witch magic, elemental magic, and bardic magic) as well as the warrior-hybrid magic types can be used there. Gisufa was first found by black magic cults who set up sects of witch doctors on-world to leech off and regulate the magical flow of the world. When a group of druids found the world and began their own colony, the cultists cursed them and transformed them into the f'saik'n. No non-cultists have been there since.

Technology: Gisufa has some technology, brought by humans, including a few cobbled-together intersun docks. On-world, they have waterships, woodworking, and metalworking. Though they have nothing like cities, they have sturdy towns with clean buildings and plenty of metal weapons, plus forges and alchemy shops.

Solar System: Gisufa is second of three worlds in the Ka Su Len system. The KSL system is primarily controlled by cultists and engages only in black market trading; one of the worlds is mined for resources, another for magic, and the third - Gisufa - used as training grounds and almost a vacation area.

Galactic Location: The Ka Su Len system is in a far corner of the universe, which makes it appealing for those who don't wish to be found. Four and a half months from Gurhai, eight and a half months from Airdh, three and a half months from the Source of Light, seven weeks from Os, and two months from Carrenh.

Intersun Trading: None - nothing legitimate, anyways. Traders avoid the area.

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