World: Glofen

Name: Glofen [GLO-fehn]

Indigenous Sentients: None.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): The fvayzi colonized this world.

Other Factions/Nations: No others.

Description: Glofen is … an average world. It has a decent variety of terrains, climates, flora, and fauna. The fvayzi consider this to be a far more livable world than Aydun, so they colonized it as their second world (with the help of the halasshi and their ships). It's about half water, and half its land surfaces have been settled, with the fvayzi slowly but constantly expanding.

Magic: Glofen is fairly magic-rich, but nothing truly exceptional. Like Aydun, it is a Light-policed world, and active cultists are banned. Fvayzi have little to do with magic, so Lightworkers manage the flow and monitor the world for any sign of black magic use.

Technology: Glofen has a decent level of technology, being a rather civilized world. All of the tech is imported and much of it is halasshi in design and make. Other than the obvious intersun docks, most of the tech is oriented around crafting and construction.

Solar System: Glofen is one of twelve worlds in the Do'agnun system. Do'agnun is one of five heavily frequented places in the universe; nine of its twelve worlds are very civilized, and eleven of twelve worlds engage in some intersun trading.

Galactic Location: Four weeks from the Source of Light; five weeks from the Corba system; five and a half months from Airdh; six and a half months from Gurhai. Close to the center of the universe, but not quite in the middle.

Intersun Trading: Glofen does engage in some intersun trading, but not nearly as much as Aydun. It primarily exports crafted goods and imports more sophisticated tools and rarer resources.

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