Character: Gregori Jazerin

Full Name: Gregori Jazerin (Jazzy)
Species: human
Gender: male
Age: 42 HYs
Homeworld: Eregged

Appearance: 6'4" tall, 230 lbs. Tall, long-legged, and just as broad in the shoulder as Brandon, Jazzy is an imposingly large man. He has fair skin with windburned highlights and craggy facial features, including a many-times-broken beak-like nose and bushy eyebrows. His hair is vivid rust-red-orange (touched with grey at the temples) and thick, cut at the bottoms of his ears and tapering backwards, typically held back in a messy braid at the nape of his neck; he also sports a thick, braided beard about six inches long. Jazzy has long legs, long arms, and large but surprisingly deft hands; his eyes are light green.
Home/Possessions: Being exiled, Jazzy lost his captain's quarters in his old ship (Bringer of Peace), as well as the ship itself. He has no real home on Sivef, either, since he and his men move around constantly; his possessions consist of his clothing/armor and his war-axe.

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