Species Grid: 75/100
bi shifter quad multi/legless winged wildcard
avian buriliam izune halasshi, buta sirian, gracken pici
canine Ztar'ai inlanlu Lo'hês aralahar
feline qyne atihresi nya, caline fvayzi burca fyxi
primate/hominid human tache f'saik'n, vanalaran tchen noalin
reptile/saurian hyiin, jelph k'anta barzen, ksatsi ssarin, qkaulom xaol luirkan, daereon
rodent/mustelid rarra, Sivefi-hyunnin mareni aduin, hresahr harinni, tsanai brithum gnit, Sivefi-rasarde
therapsid anean, ksen'vitch corata tuah, b'kanna warden, vur theragon kero, keusune
ungulate baghan ehsora quinus ysta, katha arlen
ursine hursyh dosa dar'hal thothosi lau
wildcard nyja-nyja, namiccian kahashi chelyi, buthine kzeress, ret'chek zsoni animetal, kzerlaness

General organization:

There are two bipeds, one shifter, two quadrupeds, two multi-legged (4+ legs) or legless, one winged, and two wildcard species per slot.

Rows with bolded headers are completely filled.

The "rodent" row includes rodents, lapines, mustelids, and viverrines.

Therapsids are "beast-faces," a melding of reptilian and mammalian traits into one animal type. They're usually warm-blooded, like saurians, but often with fur and other mammalian characteristics.

The wildcard row (not column) is primarily used for amphibians or other water-based races, for arthropods, for "aquines" (any fish-/shark-like, dolphin-/whale-like, turtle-/tortoise-like, or squid-/octopus-like species), and for artificial intelligences (notably, animetals and kzerlanessi.)

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