Species: Gurhai

Name: Gurhai [gur-HIGH]

Homeworld: Gurhai / The Last World

Size: Gurhai size may vary, largely based on the prevalence and power of its aspect. For example, the Gurhai of night will be huge when it's night-time, and much much smaller during the day. Overall, size does not matter, nor does it accurately indicate strength.

Physical Description: Gurhai are incorporeal entities - gods of the Last World, keepers of all the aspects of the universe. An aspect can be fire, chill, metal, fatigue, blindness, pain, etc. Every aspect in the universe has a corresponding Gurhai-warden pair on the Last World. A warden is its Gurhai's control; either they can both use the aspect, or the warden can ensure that neither can. (Gurhai and wardens can both freeze the aspect for a non-warden, non-Gurhai, although such visitors are insanely rare.) Gurhai are visible to those with spirit-sight, but they have no set shape, size, coloration, or even general appearance.

Senses/Capabilities: Gurhai have no physical senses or capabilities; they are incorporeal beings and thus do not get tired, have no issues with mobility, and are generally otherwise godlike.

Coloration/Clothing: Gurhai have no set coloration, patterns, and definitely do not wear clothing. The colors one might wear vary by aspect and by the Gurhai's mood.

Races/Breeds: Like wardens, Gurhai are differentiated by their aspects.

Language: For all intents and purposes, Gurhai don't have a language, nor are they capable of speaking. They manipulate minds in order to communicate; only their wardens are resistent to mind control and subliminal messaging. Other physical peoples tend to succumb easily.

Technology: The Gurhai use no technology, though they might use those who use it.

Magic: The only magic a Gurhai can wield is that of its aspect.

Values: A Gurhai has no values beyond what its aspect dictates.

Social Groups/Society: Gurhai have no social groups or tendencies to form them. Since they are gods, they are ageless and genderless, needing no families or other bonds. The only noteworthy connection they have is to their wardens.

Habitat/Settlements: Gurhai live in every nook and cranny of the Last World, including the outer reaches of the atmosphere and the depths of the caverns, oceans, and stone flesh of the planet.

Religion/Beliefs: Gurhai are gods. They are their own religion.

Interaction w/ Other Species: The Gurhai's aspects govern how they react to non-wardens, non-Gurhai, much as it governs how they interact with other Gurhai and other wardens.

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