World: Har'ni

Name: Har'ni [har-NEE]

Indigenous Sentients: The harinni and the aralahari.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): The Druidic Coalition governs the spread of civilization and the use of resources on Har'ni, so in that sense, they are the ruling faction. However, they don't govern trade or socialization, so they aren't quite a 'government'. Har'ni is not a Light-policed world.

Other Factions/Nations: Everybody else.

Description: Har'ni is a surprisingly large, ecologically-diverse, and magic-rich world. It is approximately 55% land, with well under a third of that land actually settled by any kind of civilization that would affect it (cities, academies, whatnot). Har'ni has a huge variety of creatures in the air, on the land, and in the water, as well as a stunning spectrum of plant-life - much of it useful as sustenance, as a tool (dye, weaponry, traps, weaving), for magical use, or for aiding the body (enhancement or healing). It is dangerous in many areas, from wildlife as well as terrain and climate, but its two native species have adapted very well to its nuances and are capable of guiding non-natives safely through most areas.

Magic: Har'ni is somewhat above average in magical density, though not one of the top ten worlds in the universe. Magic-workers on Har'ni find themselves at full power, and many druid-types claim that the nature-lush setting gives a boost to their own magic. The native Har'nians are predisposed towards druidic magic, which may explain why it seems much more available to visiting druids - or perhaps it's the other way around… Either way, Har'ni does not have an official magical affinity, as all kinds can be used there.

Technology: Har'ni is civilized, but not extremely technological. It has clean, well-constructed towns and cities, large and carefully-maintained intersun docks, and decent roadways linking major cities and some of the smaller ones. However, most of this is 'natural' in construction - wood, packed dirt, clay/adobe, and stone. Metal-working is restricted to an 'as needed' basis, and mining is seldom done; some non-natives have arranged for fine ore to be imported, but it has yet to catch on as an available resource with the natives. Metal objects tend to be weapons (spear-blades, arrowheads, and skinning knives), but natives use bone and stone and sometimes crystals for these tools just as effectively. There is no machinery on Har'ni outside of the necessary basic systems at the docks.

Solar System: Har'ni resides in the Os system, fourth of five worlds. The Os system is one of the most frequented places in the universe, all of its worlds participating in some form of intersun trade or education.

Galactic Location: Two and a half months from the Source of Light, three months and three weeks from Gurhai, eight and a half months from Airdh, three months from Do'agnun and four months from Ationa.

Intersun Trading: Har'ni is extensively engaged in intersun trading, primarily as an exporter of magical salves/potions/powders, dried herbs, and living samples of plant life. As a result, they have the clout to strictly regulate use of their lands, their resources, and who stays for more than just a brief visit; their primary 'import' is students of druidry (or one of its branches) who seek to learn from educators in the Druidic Coalition. Har'ni is one of those rare cases where it has far more to offer than anything it needs, and so it has the luxury of doling out its assets at will.

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