Welcome to the Gurhai Universe

This wiki serves as an online, public encyclopedia of all of the species, worlds, castes, languages, and characters of the Gurhai universe. There are also summaries of the novels set within this universe, the main series of which includes The Demon-God of Jubagh and The Renegades of Jubagh.

As worldbuilding is a dynamic and ever-evolving process, please be aware that anything within this site can change without warning. This 'verse will not be finalized in its lore, spatial star grid, or indigenous lifeforms for quite some time.

If you have questions, direct them to Ty Barbary, whose Twitter account is @tybarbary.

For an excellent, albeit summarized, introduction to the Gurhai universe at large, please check out the Universe Mechanics page. You can also view the world and species indexes, as well as the starmap.

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