World: Huss'u

Name: Huss'u [huhssssooh]

Solar System: Corba

Location in System: Huss'u lies in a rough circle of its three neighbors, across from Oakh and flanked by Keffish and Jubagh. Like all four-world systems, Huss'u and the world it opposes face downwards, while the other two worlds face upwards.

Population: Huss'u is home to its native b'kanna. Unofficially and illicitly, some cultists have established very small colonies; most b'kanna resist this concept and will unite to harrass and harrangue the would-be colonists. For this reason, no cultist mini-colony has grown large and stable enough to actually be considered a real colony.

Magic: Huss'u is one of the five most magic-rich worlds in the universe. Even novices with little skill are capable of gathering considerable power here, and every kind of magic, every level of spell and technique, can be performed here with little effort. If Huss'u did not have such adamant anti-colonization attitudes from its natives, it would be of far more interest to several magic-inclined races. B'kanna themselves are usually magic-users, primarily using shadow and nature magic; many of them are open to the idea of working with cultists, and many have even gone off-world.

Technology: Huss'u has no technology beyond the intersun docks built and maintained by Lo'hês for the initial phase of contact and communication. Anything more advanced than a one-piece tool brought by other races tends to break down or seize up in Huss'u's caustically damp atmosphere.

Intersun Trading: Huss'u is declared travel-only by the Lo'hês, supported by the Light, as per the request from the b'kanna, who have no interest in civilization or trade. Cultists still travel regularly to the planet, either returning b'kanna or trying to recruit new ones.

Description: Huss'u is a dark, swampy world with a thick, wet atmosphere. Its water is faintly caustic to most alien races, especially those with no protective fur or scales (like humans), and the air contains so much moisture that it, too, is an irritant to many. Clouds cover the sky nearly completely, making even day quite dark, and few nights show any lights in the sky. Consequentially, many of the plants have developed a fluorescence to attract insects and small animals even in the blackest of nights; some insects and fish have developed the same colorful glow. There is very little truly dry ground, as frequent and heavy rains will raise the water levels above most small knolls and islets, and what dry ground exists above the marshes and deltas is usually riddled with a multitude of streams and rivers, pocked by ponds and lakes. Huss'u has nearly no flying animals, its air populated by insects but nothing larger, as moisture rapidly collects and would soak all but the most smooth wing-surfaces. B'kanna have adapted to their world remarkably well: they use shadow-magic to feel the terrain rather than try to see it, and they move easily both in water and on unstable ground. Off-worlders have much less success in navigating Huss'u, especially since fires do not burn well in the air, nor is there enough dry tinder to keep them fed.

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