Species: Jaivar

This is not a complete write-up.

2' winged lapines, quadrupedal mammals, herbivores/insectivores. Extremely fluffy, very pale in color. Faces resemble Persian cats, feline and smashed-in; rabbit-like ears, longish neck, squinchy eyes, tiny mouths with long, long prehensile tongues (think anteater) for licking up insects or wrapping around tender foliage. Generally move quadrupedally, though can stumble about on hind legs alone when needed; forelegs are a bit shorter than hindlegs, so their spines are slanted noticeably. Forelimbs are somewhat feline, but hindlegs are much like a rabbit's, all muscle and jumping-power; forepaws are hand-like paws (tiny retractable claws), hindpaws are rabbit-like paws (dull curving claws for traction). Long, plumed tail that curls over their rump and haunches. Large feathered wings. Extremely deft with their hands and extremely quizzical; no good at industry and manufacturing, but has a great ability to reverse-engineer existing parts to make something entirely new. Great at repairing things and being mechanics, despite how much they abhor getting dirty/matted/wet. Jaivarri are one of the best races to have around in a pinch when technology breaks and are often hired for just that reason.

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