Species: Jchin-wa

This is not a complete write-up.

arth/wild: based on coconut crab; arboreal; 'feet' on each of six legs are curving hooks so that it walks on the smooth outer curve and can use the hook and its sharp tip to climb (the hook curves in and up, as seen when it's standing normally); arms are thick and powerful, used primarily for hunting and defense, with heavy chitinous armor; pincers are in fact not crab-like but almost talon-like, with two 'digits' (inflexible hook-claws that can be moved but not curled/uncurled) on the outside/top and one larger digit on the inside/bottom, making a pincer system of admirable strength; on homeworld, a particular species of moss/fungus grows on them, giving them a softly ragged old-suede texture on their backs, tops of heads, and bellies (is greygreen with hints of coppery brown); bodies are elongated enough to allow their legs (which are strong but not nearly as muscley as their arms) to reach farther when climbing through trees; like sloths, are considerably slower on flat ground, but are quite fast and agile (think monkeys) in the trees; faces are simplistic, with two eyes set in binocular-focus, no nostrils or ears (they feel vibrations and breathe through their mouths), and a mandibular jaw system with two long feelers (stiff and thin, but sensitive) as a moustache and powerful jaws to rip and crush flesh; purely predators/carnivores and extremely efficient hunters

jchin-wa (that's pl and species - sing: jchin)

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