World: Jubagh

Name: Jubagh [joo-BOG]

Indigenous Sentients: Only baghans.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): None. Even the most powerful tribes don't hold more land than any others.

Other Factions/Nations: Not applicable.

Description: Jubagh is a very primitive jungle world. Though its wildlife is relatively diverse, baghans thrive in the midst of such fierce beasts. Jubagh is about half water, with only 25% of its land explored and/or settled.

Magic: Jubagh has less magical energy than average, but not by much. Magic-workers are common, but the world's magic is unregulated but monitored by the local hexers.

Technology: There is no technology present on Jubagh. There are no docks, no machinery, no irrigation, and barely any smithing at all. Most common forms of 'tech' are pottery, stoneworking, and woodworking.

Solar System: Jubagh is one of four worlds in the sun system of Corba. Corba is largely uncivilized, undeveloped, and ignored by intersun travelers, despite its proximity to the Source of Light. Corba is an elastic system; the four worlds form something of a square, and the sun moves vertically between them. Jubagh and Oakh are facing 'up', with the other two worlds facing 'down'. With each world spinning horizontally, this produces extreme seasons along the edges of each world and more mild seasonal changes near the center of the worlds.

Galactic Location: Two weeks from the Source of Light; five weeks from Do'agnun; six and a half months from Gurhai; five and a half months from Airdh.

Intersun Trading: Nonexistent. Jubagh is very, very rarely visited, and only them to drop off exiles. On occasion, a fugitive will hide a while on Jubagh, but since baghans are generally unfriendly to outsiders, this seldom occurs. There are no intersun docks.

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