Character: Jujinkajou (Ju'jou)

Full Name: Jujinkajou (Ju'jou)
Species: Sivefi-rasarde
Gender: male
Age: 16 HYs
Homeworld: Sivef

Appearance: 2'8" high, 180 lbs (animal body) // 5'2" tall, 170 lbs (person body). Ju'jou is a small male, lean and lightly-built, less muscular than most of his kin. He has emerald green eyes; his horns are grey-brown and claws are black. His quills are a dark grey, nearly black, and his ears are the typical matte black of his kind. His fur is bright golden-yellow, somewhat atypical of the 'ko - he probably has some 'chuw blood in him, which would explain his lighter build as well as his fur color. His markings are small spots, black and densely collected below his eyes and along his undersides, which are lighter yellow-white and fluffy.
Home/Possessions: Ju'jou's pack is a nomadic one, and so he has no demarqued 'home' territory. He also has no possessions, barring a colorful, Sivefi-hyunnin-made blanket that Rai procured for him.

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