World: K'tah

Name: K'tah [kk-TAH]

Indigenous Sentients: None. K'tah is a colonized world free of native intelligence.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Technically, the keusune tahori are the official colonists of this world. In practice, they don't regulate much.

Other Factions/Nations: All races of tahori have been seen at one point or another on K'tah, as have all races of k'anta.

Description: K'tan is a fairly bleak and barren world, somewhat similar to Aydun in some ways. It has a few evergreen forests and a few wide, rushing rivers, but most of the world is sea (70% water) and most of the land is bare of forest. The wind is incessant and carves shapes from canyons, cliffs, mountains, and rocks; sandy deserts stretch between mountainous areas and the few forests, spotted with oases. There are a few vicious creatures native to the world, but they pose little threat to a group of k'anta or tahori; wildlife is sparse and low in population, as is flora outside the forests and oases. Metal and stone cities are build in the sheltering windbreak of mountains or cliffs, the locations chosen by keusune tahori but the materials and technology provided by k'anta. Despite its bleakness, K'tah is not a very hot world, tending towards warm-to-cool temperatures, with nights getting quite chill in the deserts.

Magic: K'tah is a low-magic world. It isn't entirely barren, but it makes most spells so weak as to be ineffective, and the few magic-workers who visit find themselves greatly stunted in power. This also makes external and enhancement qki practically unusable, putting qki-proficient atihresi tahori and shaelo k'anta back at a level of inlanlu tahori and arrek k'anta. Teleporting tahori and k'anta can still teleport, however.

Technology: K'tah has considerable technology, thanks to the k'anta population, but still doesn't approach Poc'n's level. Though it lacks intersun docks, it has a wide array of machinery and inventions used for construction, maintaining cities, cleaning, defense, and crafting. Sophisticated weaponry (the infamous k'anta explosives and long-range firearms) are not allowed, though some sneak them in anyways. The vast majority of K'tah is untouched by civilization and settlement, roamed by beasts and the wind; its settlements cluster in the shadows of cliffs and the buildings stretch towards the sky.

Solar System: K'tah is one of three worlds in the sun system of Dri. Dri lies along the very edge of the universe and is yet undiscovered by the major traveling races of the universe; so far, only k'anta and tahori know of it.

Galactic Location: Three months from the Source of Light, five and a half months from Airdh, eight months from Gurhai, a month and a week from Lo-N-Fas-R, two months from Ka, and two and a half months from Vuh (and Am-nyana and Corba and Carennh).

Intersun Trading: K'tah participates in limited intersun trading, mostly between the k'anta and the tahori. Alasa Kan tahori often trade 'exotic' meats or their trademark weaponry or clothing; keusune tahori often trade musical instruments or their weaponry or raw supplies (grain, fruits/veggies, meats/pelts); k'anta often trade machinery, refined metals or raw ore, or blade weaponry. (Important note: Tahori do not barter their trademark weapons with k'anta or tahori outside their own race. Inlanlu spears are only traded to inlanlu; keusune glaives are only traded to other keusunes. K'anta are less strict, having lower-quality blades.)

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