World: Kel'k

Name: Kel'k [kehl-kk]
Solar System: Do'agnun
Location in System: Kel'k is in the innermost ring of planets, where it's almost uncomfortably warm and dry; the living side of the world faces upwards. Its neighbors are Ere to one side, also in the innermost ring, and Carf to the other side, though Carf is in the outermost cold ring around the sun.

Population: Kel'k has a native population of grackens, which the humans have taken to calling 'spiderbirds'. Some cults have established bases on Kel'k as well.
Magic: Kel'k is a low-magic world, but not so magic-dry that magic cannot be used. High-power magic spells and rituals are ineffective or impossible to complete here, but most standard magical activity can be done, albeit with weaker results and a longer production time.
Technology: Kel'k has fairly primitive technology; its natives are endlessly curious but spared little time to explore the construction and use of tools. They have dabbled in clay, stone, wood, and some tanning for use in less dangerous areas. With cultists around, the tech level of the planet is slowly rising, as many are bringing in technological aids to compensate for the low magic density. Grackens are showing a noted interest in metal and metalworking.
Intersun Trading: Kel'k is travel-only; the intersun docks remain up, but no trade or casual passengers are allowed, by ordain of the Light. For the most part, only black market ships and cultist vessels visit.

Description: Kel'k is a planet deemed too primal and dangerous for civilized interaction, as well as too easily influenced by other cultures, as seen by the native grackens' nearly-instantaneous adaptation of newly-discovered tools and customs (like clothing). Lightworkers have declared the place off-limits and withdrew all sanctioned attempts at contact and communication; however, since Kel'k is in the heart of the universe and a part of one of the busiest sun systems, cultists have begun to use it as a base of operations, despite the low magic levels. Black market ships make discreet side-trips to Kel'k, open to anyone who isn't a Lightworker and who has the right money or credentials. Kel'k itself is dry and hot, rocky and dusty, full of craggy spired mountains and deep canyons. A strange type of tree covers the majority of even land, growing in coiled twists, and eventually petrifying when it reaches a size unsustainable by the limited water. Tornadoes and dust-storms are common, but fires are not, as there is very little on Kel'k that will actually burn. There is no snow on Kel'k, even in the coldest seasons; it's too dry. Water can be found deep underground, and cultists will often drill wells into the sides of canyons about halfway down.

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