Species: Kero

This is not a complete write-up.


~ masks are always worn; to be unmasked in public is like walking naked
~ facial patterns/colors are wholly unique to the individual, like fingerprints (special/secret like heart-name)
~ a culture completely and totally reproduction-centric, where those who cannot or will not are cast away as exiles to live in cobbled-together communities where culture other than babies can be developed (exiles are usually traumatized and scarred from the lifelong attempts to get them to fit into the system, which works brilliantly well for everyone but them, the intersexed, the gay, the asexual, the autistic; exiles are usually adults or nearly so, due to the stubbornness of their families in not giving up on them until it's certain there's no way to get them to conform; exiles are the only ones who really dig into art and science and whatnot, having the time and headspace to do so)
~ males have fertility cycles, females implant developing eggs in males to finish maturing, females penetrate males and 'suck up' sperm to deposit directly into womb
~ canes/jo are always carried and accommodated in resting areas (notches in tables/chairs)

~ flattish faces, large slitted nostrils, slender trunk/proboscis with prehensile long-forked tongue (eat insects, plants, tiny fish), giant fannish ears that are extremely mobile and expressive, deer-like eyes (binocular though)
~ shortish bodies, longish necks, longish tails, horizontal-spine bipeds
~ smallish and lean arms with three-fingered hands and a short, stubby thumb that's little more than an evolved dewclaw; regular fingers are long and bony and deft with short, sharpenable hoof-like claws on the very tips
~ saurian legs with three strong, dull-clawed talons and one dew-hoof on the heel (claws and dewhoof for traction)
~ tails saurian, flexible, demi-prehensile
~ extremely colorful, unique patterns on forearms and hands, feet and underbellies and tail rather boring in hue and patternless
~ thick, soft-leather skin

~ quite fast in a sprint with decent endurance
~ weak arm-strength, considerable (kicking) leg-strength, medium tail-strength, weak trunk-strength, medium torso-strength
~ can be very precise and deft with hands (and somewhat with tail) but are not fast when being so subtle
~ good reaction times and reflexes, rather bouncy/boundy, like 'roos
~ about 3' at the withers, head can lift to about 4' - females larger than males by an average of 6"
~ great jumpers, both vertical and horizontal; not terribly heavy for their leg-strength
~ prefer temperate-to-warm climes, fine with wet or dry within reason, make clothing to handle too much wet/dry/cold
~ rather flexible, fairly agile
~ higher metabolisms, so they eat frequently and usually high-calorie, high-protein, or high-sugar foods

~ hugely varying cultures from small-nation to small-nation
~ extremely social without being excessively territorial, so are mostly trading rather than hoarding and warring over land and resources; conflict is certainly not unknown, but for the most part, it's town-based and not nation-based
~ various ranges of magic and tech use, often in conjunction (like rarra, but more primitive)
~ very intent on adapting society to ecoregion and population needs
~ everything is focused around producing, bearing, raising, and teaching children; all medicine, science, art, etc revolves around that (so is sorely lacking in many facets)
~ food is the one thing that is not a big import/export item, as it's vital to them to be able to always feed their people on their own
~ animal needs (food, shelter, etc) are of paramount importance, and a dearth elicits a very primitive must-get-now headspace; when these needs are filled, the people are usually quite calm and logical and peaceable

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