Species: Krile

This is not a complete write-up.

krile, quad/arth, four legs, four wings, tail

exoskeletal, about a foot tall/long, some 4' wingspan; arachnoid body with slender, venomous scorpid tail; four strong legs, hind legs bent up then down like a spider, forelegs simply straight down, hind legs quite good for jumping, forelegs good for manipulating things; lots of faceted glittery eyes; huge jaws/mandibles for the size of the head; dragonfly-like wings, two pairs; entirely smooth and reflective, able to chameleon themselves quite well; with a touch of illusion magic added (often Light or shadow, sometimes even both at once) can be completely invisible; culture entirely built around being able to be unseen and undetected; very faint scent and very quiet fliers/walkers when they need to be; extremely skittish and darting, but very clever and intelligent, albeit cautious; communicate visually with each other, but can manage some clacking approximations of other races' speech; arboreal; as widespread as gnits, though few realize it

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