Species: Ksen'vitch

This is not a complete write-up.

runrunrunrun there, scent, there-there-there, right there, around this tree, over this root-log-thing-branch-that-fell-down, watch as it creaks— rotten wood, don't step again! (marked with a brief spray)— into the dirt with its mulch and loam and fallen leaves, runrunrun, the scent is strong, go, go, right around this next tree, up-down leap but no root this time, aaand THERE BITE DOWN

(The Lo'hêsalo shrieked as something burst from the dense jungle; she flung herself to the side as a gaping toothy maw snapped downwards and missed her flesh by inches. Tail lashing ecstatically with terror and adrenaline, she shot through the underbrush, ears pinned flat to her streamlined head, as the monster chased her in a giant's lengthy strides—)

missed! a shearing vocalization born of frustration as the scent-bearer dashes-darts-skitters away— chase! runrunrunrun, as fast or faster than the scent-bearer, but the little thing is small and fleet and agile and, and and and -admirable-, pretty, flowing-pretty fleet-pretty, little four-legged running pretty thing— but then OPPORTUNITY and LEAP and SPIN and flare, shriekscreamhowl, freeze the running pretty thing with volume alone, and STARE DOWN to keep it still—

(The Lo'hêsalo froze, every hair standing on end as the massive predator soared over her head and planted itself firmly in her path. Its noise deafened her, left her yelping and pawing at her ringing ears helplessly. When the explosive pain drained from her head, she looked up, belly and chin nearly to the earth, and met its burning gaze.)

pretty running thing was now a pretty shaking thing, less pretty when it wasn't moving, less pretty when it cowered and stank of fear and desperation— move forward, hold its eyes, hold them hold them step hold them step step hold step hold step, until the nose is close to the cowering thing's face, biiig inhale— smells like prey again, like food full of fear and piss and blood, but the fur is still pretty— reach out, slowly, hold the eyes, touch the palm to the thick mess of fur around the pretty cowering prey-thing's neck— maybe grab and squeeze, if it moves, pop the bones out of line, maybe just touch, feel, hold without breaking—

(She couldn't move, for whatever reason, whatever power the creature's eyes had over her— or maybe it was logic, some dreg of rationality left untouched by primal fear, that told her not to move and elicit its aggression. The Lo'hêsalo quivered and braced herself for death, but it was touching her without anger or hunger, and its palm snagged roughly against her mane, but it wasn't attacking or bellowing anymore. She held deathly still, barely daring to breathe, shivering clacking her ribs together within her chest. She prayed the beast wouldn't hear.)

(It was vibrant and dark, blues and violets and greens, swirling and mottling in intricately detailed patterns all across its thick, hairless hide. Its face was wide, muzzle rounded and blunt, but jaws heavy-joweled and full of strong teeth and long fangs. Its eyes were tiny, two set close to the bridge of the muzzle, two set above those and closer to the temples, tilted outwards. Its range of vision must be superb compared to the binocular-binary set of eyes that most creatures wore. It had a muscular, arching neck, strong shoulders, hanging forelegs— arms, she supposed, seeing how the fingertips could touch the ground at full extension but they weren't large enough to be used as regular support for walking— with long, flexed fingers tipped in hooking claws, two thumbs beneath and three fingers atop. Its back was held as horizontally as hers, though it was a biped, and its haunches were bunched and legs long, beautifully muscled, ending in widespread talons with sharp claws. It didn't have one tail but three, splitting off from a common base and stretching to a mobile and whip-like tip, twice as long as its body. The tips twitched independently. Like its tailtips, slender tendrils branched off around its skull - four total at the four approximate corners of its face, twisting and flaring upwards. Unlike its tailtips, these were colored blood-red with white tips.)

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