Species: Kzerlaness

Name: kzerlaness(i) [kzair-LAH-nes(-see)] 'the other people'

Homeworld: Mbaun

Height/Length/Weight: Varies greatly. The current model of kzerlaness can be from 2' to 10' tall with a similar range of length, though past models have been both larger and smaller. The weight of individual kzerlanessi does not change through shapeshifts, and the current model has a weight range between 200-350 lbs.

Physical Description: Intelligent mechanical shapeshifters, the kzerlanessi are the very pinnacle of advanced technology. They have smooth, featureless 'skin' (or hull) that is stretchable and flexible like true skin - though it lacks the wrinkles, instead wrapping seamlessly around joints. They have no set features; they can have any number of limbs from none to a dozen, they can rearrange their 'face' with various ridges and valleys to form a recognizable expression or something entirely different. They can form blade-like appendages, wing-like appendages, wheel-like appendages, or (most commonly) limb-like appendages. Many mimic the kzeressi shape; others move about as bipeds or quadrupeds. They can control their shapes to an astonishing degree, capable of forming intricate hands or highly detailed tool-like appendages. Their sensory mechanisms are rearrangeable and mobile by default and reside beneath the 'skin', so their eyes may be on the opposite end of the body, while they form the shape of kzeressi eyes on what they consider their face. Kzerlanessi do not have gender, being entirely mechanical, and do not morph any symbols of gender (not that kzeressi have visual sexual dimorphism to give them an example, anyways). Kzerlanessi shapeshifting or morphing is smooth and fluid, very rapid, and like all of their movements is rather quiet (though you can still hear some whirring and whatnot).

Senses/Capabilities: While past models have had more traditional senses, the current and most recent models of kzerlaness have had enhanced sensory features. Their sense of hearing is keen enough to be able to detect so much miniscule noise that they can accurately map out the location of living people and machines around them, and an ability to echolocate helps them find inanimate/silent objects in their surroundings. (Their ear circuitry is buffered to protect delicate machinery from damagingly loud noises; as a result, they hear everything .5-1 second after it occurs.) They have an olfactory processor that can not only distinguish individuals by scent but also identify and react to strong emotions betrayed by scent. Kzerlanessi have a variable sense of 'touch' - they have mobile sets of sensory pads that slide along certain routes beneath their 'skin'. These touch sensors can detect pressure and temperature, but not subtle texture; they can be concentrated in one place (like a 'hand') or spread out over the body for a more immersive contactual experience. They do not feel pain. Lastly but far from least, kzerlanessi do have a sense of sight, but they do not perceive sight as most organic animals do; instead, they see wavelengths of energy. Specifically, they see magic (and qki) - its flows, its currents, and its users. (If they were to go to a magic-dry world, they would be 'blind' and would quickly run out of power, given that they're fueled by magical energy.) This energy is generally perceived as both shape and color, but not in a way that is proportionate to the physical world of optical sight. As for capabilities… They're nigh-on immeasurable. Kzerlanessi do not have a top speed limit, nor any particular limit to how strong or agile they can be, given that they can shapeshift to enhance these abilities. Their endurance is strictly dependent on available magical energy.

Coloration/Clothing: Kzerlanessi do not wear clothing, given that it greatly restricts their morphability. They can be literally any color or combination of colors with any markings whatsoever. Though older kzerlaness models were metallic in color (usually grey-silver or bronze-gold), the current model has the ability to color-change at will. Though they cannot alter their texture to stop shining in light (and therefore cannot become 'invisible' by mimicking their surroundings' colors and patterns), they can create any kind of pattern of any colors all over their bodies. The current model of kzerlanessi are made with white metal 'skin' that possess a pearl-like iridescence.

Races/Breeds: Kzerlanessi do not have ethnicities. They do, however, have models. The current model is KZ-133, the one hundred and thirty-third iteration of the design from the very beginning. Only models past 112 can be considered intelligent enough to be sentient, and only models past 124 are proven to be communicable and sentient. Models before 100 or so are often used as programmable but unalive robotic assistants and servants, even by newer kzerlanessi themselves.

Language: Kzerlanessi are still struggling with speech simulators, but they are designed with listening comprehension of the kzeressi native tongue. The current model have had considerable success with managing at least basic speech (simple sentences, expressions of need/desire, acknowledgement of understanding, etc).

Technology: Kzerlanessi have yet to design their own technology, but the current model is quite adept in working with existing kzeressi tech, and some are actually capable of repairing themselves to some degree. It is expected that future models will be able to fully maintain and repair themselves, as well as build new kzerlanessi - and thus become a true self-sustaining species.

Magic: Kzerlanessi are powered by magic and see fields and currents of magical/qki energy. Some individuals of the current model are even being taught how to manipulate magic, beyond the involuntary mechanical act of absorbing and storing energy to fuel their bodies. So far, this has only been attempted with raw/arcane magic, none of the refined or elemental stuff.

Values: Unknown/nonexistent.

Social Groups/Society: Previous models of kzerlanessi had no interest in socializing with one another, preferring to establish and maintain bonds with kzeressi instead. However, the current model is beginning to veer from that stoicism, expressing some small degree of curiosity and social tendency towards one another. They have yet to form social groups, instead making occasional one-on-one connections in passing that are loosely maintained over time. There seems to be no hierarchy or structure to these social interactions.

Habitat/Settlements: Kzerlanessi live where kzeressi live. They cannot own property, though some are given their own rooms within kzeressi homes. In theory, they can survive even the harshest of atmospheric conditions, but the current model is still being tested as to how well it holds up under prolonged, intense temperature (both heat and cold), as well as water immersion. So far, it's shown impressive resistance to temporary exposure to extreme heat/cold and temporary immersion in both fresh and saltwater.

Religion/Beliefs: Unknown/nonexistent.

Interaction w/ Other Species: Kzerlanessi historically ignore other kzerlanessi unless instructed to interact, but they regard each other with bland politeness and disinterest. Some few will express curiosity or even friendliness towards one another. Kzerlanessi treat kzeressi very respectfully and gently. Theories on how kzerlanessi would react to offworlders range from ignoring them to politeness to defensiveness, but they've yet to meet a non-Mbaunan.

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