Species: Lau

This is not a complete write-up.

lau(hi), known as the only natively telepathic race in the universe and thus incredibly useful as long-distance messengers, must be trained in their own schools to be the most effective and far-reaching but all have the capacity to reach the highest level of refined communication; lauhi are small and arboreal with flexible bodies and long, thick, prehensile tails (great for wrapping around branches or bodies to hold); omnivorous, can hunt small slow creatures and kill by constriction, can scavenge, can fish, most often gather fruits and berries; short-muzzled ursine head (almost like a koala) with a wide nose and face, round ears, large eyes that are entirely black but for a gold or silver iris; short neck, compact body leading into the tail, which is nearly as wide as the waist; feathered draconic wings with two fingers protruding from the winghand for ease in grasping and carrying very small objects (little fish or small tools), can walk on the ground with hind legs and wings but are very awkward and slow (~5-8 mph), are faster at climbing through dense foliage (safer that way, not hard the way the wings fold), are fairly swift in flight but don't fly long distances or great heights; hind legs are squat and muscular, designed for leaping into the air (or to a higher branch) not for running, four digits and a thumb all sharply hook-clawed for great grip and traction; short, incredibly soft, somewhat fluffy fur that is usually some shade of light blue or grey, medium brown or green, or dark grey or brown, often mottled or dappled to blend in with trees; some lauhi have a knack for magic, but most are so absorbed in their telepathic training and then employment that they never do more than dabble, however since lauhi can technically learn any form of magic (including the Light and black), they can be found in any magical group serving as honorary members and being used for their telepathy; lauhi are usually about 2' high and 40-50 lbs, 3' long with a ~5' tail and a 12-13' wingspan, just small enough to be able to perch on most species without toppling them; they are very tactile and touch people whenever possible; they can learn languages with amazing ease and speed, though they do not try to speak them (they do have vocal chords, but their jaws/lips/tongues are too primitive to make more than animalistic sounds and approximate the more bestial languages); telepathy goes deeper than language and can be understood across species and cultures, though semantics may change in passing the message ("I would like you to come here with me" might become "I need you here in front of me", etc); technology is limited to stone and wood tools; enjoy building elaborate nests in trees with simple materials; inherently social but not hierarchal; lauhi employed with little or no physical contact with friends (of their own kind or of others) will often become depressed and lonely-clingy

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