Lhafa Softstep / No-Tribe

Full Name: Lhafa Softstep No-Tribe
Species: baghan
Gender: female
Age: 37 HYs
Homeworld: Jubagh

Appearance: 6'3" tall, 200 lbs. Lhafa is a tall, lean, tautly-muscled baghan woman with minimal curves and very long, toned limbs. Her eyes were silvery, but she now keeps what's left of them hidden beneath a strip of cloth wrapped around her head. She has a thick, layered, somewhat coarse silver mane that reaches to the middle of her shoulderblades and tapers neatly as it goes; she has bangs that hang to her brows. Her fur is white, mottled with a pale grey-silver in a smooth pattern over the entirety of her body; the white-silver dappling is lighter on her chest, stomach, and face, as well as her palms, but darker elsewhere. Her hooves are medium-grey (including the ones tipping her fingers) and her thick, silky tailtuft is a darker silver than her mane. Her lips and nose are a pale fleshy-pink.
Home/Possessions: Lhafa has no possessions. When she was a spirit warrior for the Softstep tribe, she'd had her own hut, small wardrobe, and weapons rack; now, however, she travels empty-handed. Brandon and Rai did give her a book on voca, though.

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