World: Lo

Name: Lo

Indigenous Sentients: Lo is home to the Lo'hês; natives of Lo (even if they aren't Lo'hês) are called Loi.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Though the Loi try their best to maintain an atmosphere of equality and community, there is a ruling faction, comprised of the leaders of all the Loi herds. Called the Lo'ya ("Lo Fathers"), this group keeps Lo regulated, peaceful, and safe. They establish very basic interLoi laws, but primarily make sure each herd has enough land and food, that ships continue to be designed and built, and that intersun trade is regulated and supported.

Other Factions/Nations: Each herd is, in a sense, its own small nation or faction, with independent traditions, cultural behaviors, and languages. However, the herds are allied through the Lo'ya and generally present a united front.

Description: Lo is a pastoral, temperate world with more land area than most, being 80% land with only 20% large bodies of water and seawater. It is largely undeveloped, with only wooden structures clustering together in villages, intermittently devoid of inhabitants since most Loi are nomadic. There are huge shipyards and docks for intersun ships scattered almost everywhere across the world, as well as lifeboat training areas. There is practically no metal technology anywhere on Lo. Since wood is such a valuable and oft-used resource, the Loi manage their huge forests very carefully, ensuring that the world does not become barren.

Magic: Lo is a fairly magic-rich world, though nothing approaching Ryarna or Ztar. Lo'hês do not use magic, except for the ku Lo'hês druids. (There are some tiny cults, but it's very hush-hush and low-key.)

Technology: There is no metal-working technology on Lo, but there is some of the finest woodworking in the universe. There are intersun docks and lifeboat docks, and the most noticeable appearance of technology/civilization is in the huge shipyards, where intersun ships are built.

Solar System: Lo resides in the Os system, second of five worlds. The Os system is one of the most frequented places in the universe, all of its worlds participating in some form of intersun trade or education.

Galactic Location: Two and a half months from the Source of Light, three months and three weeks from Gurhai, eight and a half months from Airdh, three months from Do'agnun and four months from Ationa.

Intersun Trading: Lo is one of the top five trading worlds in the universe, despite the relative simplicity of its civilization. It is home to some of the best academies in the universe, particularly for those seeking to study nature - ecology, biology, heredity, botany, and (non-magical) medicine, although woodworking is also a very common area of study. Lo also produces some useful plants, often used in medicine or alchemy; many Loi plants are found providing air for intersun ships, as well. The Loi were one of the first races in the universe to figure out how to survive the airlessness between suns, and so their shipyards are also famous; their ships are made solely of wood and show fine craftsmanship. The Loi trade their ships individually, often already stocked with furniture and plantlife, to different factions and worlds. Many of the non-factional intersun ships actively sailing are piloted and crewed by Lo'hês.

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