Species: Lo'kr

Name: Lo'kr [LOW-krr] (singular: a Lo'kryin [low-KRIGHN])

Homeworld: Lo

Height/Length/Weight: Lo'kr are reasonably-sized animals, with females being a mite bigger than males. They range from 4-5' tall at the shoulder, 5-8 feet long from nose to rump (plus another 4' of tail), and weigh around 250-350 lbs.

Physical Description: Furred quadrupeds, the Lo'kr are curious blends of equine and feline. Their faces are quite lynx-like, with a short muzzle and long, tufted ears and cheek-tufts; their ears also have peacock-feather-like fringes with opalescent colors. They also have longer-than-usual canines, which are visible even when their jaws are closed. Their arched neck is covered in a dense mane that wraps around their throat, and their bodies are very equine - muscular and compact, with long strong slender legs. Their hooves are solid (as opposed to cloven); on each side of their ankles are two "dewclaw" toes with wickedly curving claws. When running, these claws are curled backwards and upwards, so that the overcurve faces the ground but never touches and the tip points up and back, but when kicking out, those claws can rake furrows in an animal's flesh. Since the Lo'kr are omnivorous (generally scavengers, though) but largely regarded as prey, these hoofclaws are their primary form of defense. Some Lo'kr have even learned to fish with their hoofclaws. Lastly, they have a stubby tail that flags high and long-furred, so that their tail resembles a streamer in the wind. Males have external genitalia.

Senses/Capabilities: Lo'kr are sight-based animals, having fantastic long-distance vision that's even decent at night. Their hearing is also good, better than the Lo'hês's, but their sense of smell is poor. They are very fast runners, breaking 45 mph in a sustainable sprint and reaching 50 in split-second peaks. Lo'kr are enduring and powerful, but not very agile or flexible at all.

Coloration/Clothing: Lo'kr wear no clothing or decorations, unlike the Lo'hês. Lo'kr coloration ranges between greys, black, white, browns, reds, and even dull greens. Markings can be anything from patches or shading to spots or rosettes to stripes or streaks to mottling or dappling. Eyes are almost uniformly yellow, though brown and green have been seen.

Races/Breeds: There are a few dozen different ethnicities, since Lo'kr don't switch herds often at all, and a herd tends to develop into its own breed. Most ethnicities are marked by slightly different fur textures and gaits, but most noticeably by different fur colors and patterns. No one breed is vastly more common than the others.

Language: Lo'kr also speak Lo'ken, a surprisingly gentle, smooth language. It's filled with whining, crooning, and even purring sounds, infrequently interrupted by a snarling or jaw-snapping noise. Though the language is fairly easy to speak for most intelligent species, its complex structure and extensive vocabulary make it a tedious and long-term study. Most Lo'kr who have any contact with offworlders have learned the human's language. The oldest herds often speak a far-removed dialect/root tongue, which is often regarded as the first language of Lo.

Technology: Lo'kr don't use technology.

Magic: Lo'kr are adept magic-workers, generally straying towards magery, having little skill for druidry and no interest in warlockery, though some do study the Light. Lo'kr primarily focus on managing and manipulating the magic energy of Lo, often safeguarding the richest veins from the offworlder magic-workers. Many Lo'kr are elemental mages, as well, often to make life easier for their herd, and several learn just enough Light or druidy to heal and regenerate their herdmates.

Values: Individual Lo'kr herds often have differing values, but most Lo'kr share a protectiveness over children and an appreciation of strength, both mentally and physically, in both genders.

Social Groups/Society: Like the Lo'hês, Lo'kr travel in herds, occasionally mingling with Lo'hês (but rarely). New herds are often conglomerations of herds who shrank too much to fend for themselves against natural predators, and as such, new herds serve as ethnic melting pots. Eventually, bloodlines pool so much that a new breed emerges - over the span of a few hundred years. Not all herds last this long. Herds are led by a Lo'si ('mother') who is usually a woman in the prime of her life, full of experience and backed by many children. (Mixed-Loi herds are generally led by a Lo'hês Lo'ca, but there is often a matriarch of the Lo'kr within that herd.) Lo'si can be challenged; a Lo'si can either get more of the herd to back her than her challenger, or she can physically fight for the position, but the former is the most common option. If there is actual combat, the loser is often exiled from the herd; otherwise, the Lo'si becomes a regular member of the herd. Within the herd, mothers with children are fiercely guarded by the mother's mate and her sisters; unmated adult males stay on the fringes of the herd, guarding all of them from predators. (Most Lo'kr don't mate for life.)

Habitat/Settlements: The Lo'kr don't make use of any real settlements, being somewhat nomadic. (They don't follow a migratory path like the Lo'hês, but they do move around quite a lot.) Though they are hardy creatures, most prefer open lands or sparse forests; dense areas or extremely trecherous terrain are generally avoided. They do well when forging through swamps or deserts, though.

Religion/Beliefs: The Lo'kr are somewhat shamanistic in their beliefs; for them, the sun Os is the giver of all life, and the rarely-visible stars are the spirits of their ancestors, the greatest Lo'si and the strongest of their mates. They revere life, but they won't hesitate to defend themselves, even if it means killing another creature (sentient or otherwise). Though the Lo'kr acknowledge the Lo'hês gods as being "real," they do not worship them. (The ku Lo'hês believe that this is why the Lo'kr are not druidic.)

Interaction w/ Other Species: Towards Lo'hês, the Lo'kr tend to be compassionate and protective, but this kindly attitude does not extend far past their fellow Loi. Lo'kr regard strangers are potential enemies and are usually standoffish, though some are more easy-going and some are more outright hostile. A non-Loi can gain a Lo'kryin's trust, but it takes time and patience to prove one's good intentions.

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