Human Magic Classes

4 Pure Magic Classes + 6 Crossover Magic Classes
4 Warrior-Magic Classes + 6 Crossover Warrior-Magic Classes
[Note: Crossover Magic classes are 50/50. Warrior-Magic and Crossover Warrior-Magic classes are half-magic, half-warrior.]

Pure Magic Classes

demonology, disease/plague, curse/hex, debuff, black fire, shadow, pain, fear

communion with nature & spirits, shapeshifting (partial & full), animal aspects, green thumb, heightened senses, weather magic, terraforming, elemental magic

arcane ("raw") magic, spells, rituals, lore, manipulation of objects, psyche, power storage & management

heal, bless/buff, guidance (living & dead), resurrection, purify/cure, Light, white fire, communion with ancestors & gods

physical prowess, specialty in fighting, weapons expertise, heavy armor, protection/guardian, empowering rage, qki, (red fire)

Crossover Magic Classes

Witch Doctor (warlock + druid)
disease/plague (via concoctions), curse/hex, debuff, animal aspects, communion with nature & spirits, elemental magic

Black Mage (warlock + mage)
demonology, curse/hex, black fire, shadow, spells, rituals, psyche, power storage & management

Necromancer (warlock + priest)
curse/hex, debuff, shadow, pain, fear, control and resurrection of the dead, communion with ancestors & gods, life transfers (anti-healing)

Elemental Mage (druid + mage)
communion with nature & spirits, green thumb, weather magic, terraforming, elemental magic, spells, rituals, lore, power storage & management

Bard (druid + priest)
communion with nature & spirits & ancestors & gods, animal aspects, green thumb, heightened senses, limited healing, bless/buff, purify/cure

Archmage (mage + priest)
arcane magic, spells, rituals, psyche, limited healing (life transfers, may include inanimate objects), guidance (living), Light, communion with gods

Pure Magic-Warrior Classes

Banshee (warlock + warrior)
disease/plague, curse/hex, black/red fire, fear, pain, rage, physical prowess, qki (others)

Berserker (druid + warrior)
shapeshifting (partial, rarely full), animal aspects, heightened senses, communion with nature, physical prowess, protection/guardian, rage, qki (nature)

Swordmage (mage + warrior)
arcane magic, spells, manipulation of objects, lore, physical prowess, weapons expertise, rage, qki (arcane)

Paladin (priest + warrior)
limited healing, purify/cure, Light, white fire, physical prowess, weapons expertise, rage, heavy armor, protection/guardian, qki (Light)

Crossover Magic-Warrior Classes

Shaman (warlock + druid + warrior)
curse/hex, elemental magic, debuff, limited communion with nature & spirits, physical prowess, protection/guardian, rage, qki (nature)

Assassin (warlock + mage + warrior)
black fire, shadow, spells, psyche, physical prowess, weapons expertise, qki (self)

Reaper (warlock + priest + warrior)
curse/hex, pain, fear, control of dead, physical prowess, weapons expertise, rage, qki (others)

Ranger (druid + mage + warrior)
communion with nature, elemental magic, green thumb, animal aspects, spells, rituals, physical prowess, weapons expertise, rage, protection/guardian, qki (nature)

Monk (druid + priest + warrior)
communion with nature & gods, heightened senses, animal aspects, very limited healing, bless/buff, physical prowess, rage, protection/guardian, qki (nature/gods)

Knight (mage + priest + warrior)
limited arcane magic, limited Light, very limited healing, guidance (living), rituals, physical prowess, weapons expertise, heavy armor, rage, protection/guardian, qki (Light)

Magical Tattoos

  • demonology: red runes (anywhere)
  • black/shadow magic: black runes (anywhere, but especially hands)
    • shadow magic can also use dark grey runes, usually with assassins
  • Light: white barred symbols on face up to hairline, down to jawline, and back to ears
    • priests also tattoo backs of hands
    • can outline in black for visibility on fair-skinned Lightworkers
  • necromancy: white-outlined black runes (anywhere)
  • arcane: blue symbols (hands, face, stomach)
    • archmages outline symbols in white
    • those who can't use 'pure' arcane magic don't use these (e.g. black mages)
  • nature: green and brown designs (usually limbs) - optional
  • deific: purple designs/symbols (anywhere, often head and neck) - optional
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