Species: Mareni

This is not a complete write-up.

mareni(l) [MAH-reh-NEE(L)], small shapeshifting hooved rodents much like mara, the ultimate doctors and the one race in all the universe that made a non-magical medical profession work just as well as magical healing, using herbology and surgery and everything in-between to treat wounds and diseases and to enhance/extend health/life; they can commonly learn to use nature magic, but many refuse, dedicating themselves instead to non-magical pursuits (it's the principle of the thing); they have medical technology more advanced than any other race, but the rest of their tech-level is barely average; they're widespread through the 'verse and commonly stationed in populated areas (including intersun ships) in small offices as emergency doctors; not all marenil are doctors, but the stereotype is so widespread that the entire species is accorded that attitude (be it respect or mistrust or whatever); marenil are very good with languages and usually speak half a dozen if they work with other races; marenil shapeshifting is minor, much like Sivefi-rasarde, only enough to change from being quadrupedal to being horizontal-spine bipedal with the necessary adjustments in balance and structure; face is somewhat lapine with faint traces of deer-like features: long, soft, tapering muzzle, large eyes, long ears, lots of whiskers; marenil are sleekly-furred like housecats; neck is rabbit-like in width and length, torso is more deer-like; legs are slender and long, the hind legs noticeably stronger and more muscular, the forelegs seem frail; short fluffy tail, usually sticks up, used to express emotions and to gesture when hands are full; hindfeet have cloven hooves, forefeet have four hooved toes and a dewhoof (sharp): forefoot toes lengthen into slender and graceful fingers in bipedal form, very dexterous and deft, at least as much so as human hands; total herbivores, grazing on ruffage (not outright grass, usually) and vegetables and some fruits, some roots; evolved being prey, so their senses are very alert and they move ridiculously quickly, great reflexes, jump very well, have something of a bouncing gait when running (like springy antelopes), prey-history inclined them to learn how to doctor wounds and illnesses for a greater survival rate against skilled predators; usually light grey or tawny, some are dark reds or dark greys or black, most have vertical striping along flanks and limbs (light on dark or dark on light), some are dappled along the flanks and rump; do not mate for life (practicality; people get eaten) but some mate long-term where possible, reproduce often and grow to adulthood quickly, generally have litters of 3-6 offspring; marenil have little defense against a direct attack other than dodging and fleeing, so they have a peculiar outlook on trust, safety, and mortality

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