World: Mbaun

Name: Mbaun [mm-BAHN]

Indigenous Sentients: Mbaun's only original sentients were the kzeressi. However, since the kzerlanessi were designed and built on Mbaun and are close enough to be sentient, we'll count them, as well.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Kzeress society is more like a web than clumping groups. There are no distinctive ruling factions or nations.

Other Factions/Nations: N/A, unless you count the burgeoning kzerlaness 'society'…

Description: Mbaun is a highly civilized world, but there are still vast stretches of barren wilderness. It is a tall and primarily rocky, mountainous place with few level areas and many seemingly bottomless canyons and crevices. It is rich with ore and other mineral resources, and many areas are riddled with underground (or above-ground) caverns and tunnels. Foliage on Mbaun is sparse but hardy, as is the wildlife; Mbaun is primarily populated with winged creatures, making the kzeressi somewhat out-of-place as the planet's top species. The weather systems and the unpredictable and harsh terrain have proven to be more dangerous than any of the native flora or fauna to unwary strangers. However, in the midst of such rugged land, kzeress settlements huddle like a series of connect-the-dots, linked by small roads.

Magic: Mbaun is quite rich in magic, although not one of the top five (but it's probably in the top ten). Most of its magical energy is swept up and naturally stored in weather formations and the rock and dirt of the land itself, although the energy itself is neutral (arcane) rather than druidic in affinity. The magic is unusually hard to pull from the weather/land for use, and although the kzeressi have adapted to this quite well, any visitors would be quite startled at the world's resistance to giving up its magic.

Technology: Mbaun is the most technologically advanced world in the entire universe, surpassing even Ryarna and Erdor. Technology related to travel is extremely sparse and usually consists only of flat, padded, four-wheeled carts with a steering mechanism and a small motor that are only good on the roads kzeressi've made between their tiny settlements. However, the most advanced metallurgy, smithing, engineering, and robotics takes place on Mbaun. Like the most delicate and intricate technology of other worlds, Mbaun tech is largely powered by magic.

Solar System: Mbaun is one of three planets in the Carennh system, a moderately civilized and somewhat out-of-the-way star system. Yucca is the only completely untechnological world; Creen holds moderate technology (wood- and metal-working), and Mbaun itself has several advanced metallurgy centers.

Galactic Location: Six weeks from Corba, six weeks from the Source of Light, seven months from Airdh, five and a half months from Gurhai.

Intersun Trading: Despite its incredible level of technology, Mbaun doesn't participate in intersun trading. Its people are reclusive and the mercantile guilds aren't fully aware of all the potential of the planet - they wrote it off as a low-key world when they first discovered it and no longer keep tabs on its development.

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