Species: Miesin

Name: miesin(s) [MY-uh-SIHN(z)]

Homeworld: Racamarai

Height/Length/Weight: Miesins are small for bipeds, ranging 2.5-4' at the shoulder, with females usually being larger on average than males. Since they move with the spine held horizontal or close to it, they're about as long as they are tall, plus another two body-lengths of tail. They weigh 100-250 lbs, being rather compact in build.

Physical Description: Miesins are bizarre creatures: two-headed, two-legged, featherless, avianic mammals with three distinct genders - male, female, and double. Double-gendered miesins are more rare than the other two genders and hold a special, honored place in their society. (Appropriate pronouns for doubles are different for those of the rochoi - hse replaces he/she, hem replaces him/her, and hes replaces his/hers.) Miesins are smooth-skinned and have tiny, flexible scales. Two hawk-like heads upon two long, sinuous necks meet at the shoulders and seamlessly melt into a deep chest and then a long, prehensile, serpentine tail. Miesins have two digitigrade legs, neither fore nor hind, that are quite muscular with clawed, three-toed talons. A male's heads are slightly larger with narrower eyes; two horns bud over each orb and one set between his nostrils, all of which are two-three inches long and fairly blunt. A female's heads are more streamlined with almond-shaped eyes; two curving, blunt bovine horns protrude from behind her earslits. Doubles have a male and female head, with the male head usually being the right one and the female one on the left. Despite the fact that their brain is separated into two lobes, one for each head, miesins have only one neural system and one consciousness; likewise, though doubles have one gender to a head, their consciousness is a smooth mixture of both genders, rather than striated into sections.

Senses/Capabilities: Miesins have extremely good eyesight, well-honed for full color, sharp detail, and plenty of shadow-and-light combinations; they are short-sighed, but since they typically live in forests, this doesn't often pose a problem. Their sense of smell is poor and their hearing fair - they are loud enough that they don't need sensitive ears to hear each other, even from a short distance away. They are reasonably strong and agile, somewhat enduring, and fairly quick - they can run up to 35 mph, impressive for a squat biped.

Coloration/Clothing: Miesins don't wear clothing. Miesin scales can be any dark, natural shade. Most common are greens, followed by browns, greys, blacks, blues, and dark reds. Usually, darker mottling is spattered across the spine, outer limbs, and head, and occasionally, lighter speckling is splashed on the chest, throat, stomach, and under-tail. Their eyes tend to be gold or some variant thereof, and their claws are almost always dark grey or matte black. Their horns tend to be the same color as their claws, but unlike claws, horns can be pale grey or white as well.

Races/Breeds: Miesins don't have any distinguishable ethnicities.

Language: Miesins usually have listening comprehension of marain, the rochoi language, but they also speak sinian, their own native tongue. Sinian is a harsh language, filled with hissing, cawing, whistling, barking, and shrieking - miesins are quite noisy, and their language reflects (or causes) this. Sinian has a small vocabulary but a complicated structure and syntax, where context and placement determines a base word's precise meaning. Some choi learned sinian, but miesins are more prone to learn marain than vice versa.

Technology: Miesins don't use technology.

Magic: Miesins don't use magic.

Values: Miesins value, above all, their culture and adherence to its standards and rules. Their culture has developed and been crafted (primarily by doubles) to sustain and nourish them; miesins lack driving instincts other than fight-or-flight and would not survive without their constructed culture.

Social Groups/Society: Miesins live in tribes, usually led by a double-gendered or more than one, who are the myth-makers. Miesins lay five to ten eggs; double-gendered individuals can produce and fertilize a clutch within their own body, while females must lay eggs in a secure place for a male to later fertilize them. A clutch is left alone and rather unguarded in a dark, warm place until the shells have hardened sufficiently; when this happens, the clutch is moved to the mother's own sleeping-place and viciously guarded until the chicks hatch. In the first stage, even large clutches can be reduced to one or two eggs by sneaky predators, so miesin chicks aren't as numerous as they could be if the clutch were constantly guarded. The male who fertilizes the eggs plays no part in raising the chicks, unless he happens to be the mother's mate; miesins mate for emotional reasons and, to ensure genetic diversity and the distribution of good traits, any male may fertilize any female's clutch. Hatchlings are grown in five years and, until that time, are cared for by not only their parents but also any nearby doubles who don't have their own clutches to worry about. Doubles are excellent parents and tend to have larger clutches than female mothers, due to their more protective tendencies and their vigilence; however, a double parent is usually helped by hes fellows in raising hes hatchlings.

Habitat/Settlements: Miesins are warm-weather creatures; the place that they call Our Home, a huge rainforest called Cyryn, is near the middle of the world and wetly tropical in climate. Their "second Home" is a place of the same size, terrain, and foliage. They don't like excruciatingly dense jungle or overly snowy or cold climates, but miesins don't mind a seasonal winter. They dislike living in the plains or mountains and are almost always found in forested areas.

Religion/Beliefs: Miesins hold no religions or beliefs; they adhere to their culture as though it were a religion.

Interaction w/ Other Species: Miesins are staunchly incapable of wrapping their heads around non-miesin culture, giving them an impression of stupidity when, in fact, they're quite intelligent. Despite the fact that they don't understand them, miesins view the rochoi as strange siblings and rather like them, although they often come off as condescending and impatient in their interactions. Presumably, if they ever encountered a race that was from another world, they would be curious, loud, and demand the other race instantly adopt their own culture and behaviors in order to be 'correct'.

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